Survival Skills for Your Infant – Water Safety

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All new parents have a unique and never-to-be-replicated story – their own personal miracle. In talking to new parents, we find that each of these stories shares a common thread that leads us to conclude three things: 1. Babies are strong, 2. Babies are smart and 3. Momma Bear strength is real.

As new parents, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to protect our children. We love the strong mental imagery associated with Momma Bear moments – miraculous feats such as mothers lifting vehicles to rescue their children. We also share a “biggest fear,” which is not being there with our superhuman strength when our babies need us most.

It’s important that we teach our children survival skills as young as possible. One of the earliest skills we can teach our strong and smart babies may surprise you: water safety.

As a parent, we can begin teaching our child water safety as young as 3 months old. But how many of us can kick into Momma Bear mode to teach such a risky lesson – especially if we don’t know how to swim? We met with Goldfish Swim School and learned of its safety and survival skills class designed specially for infants (and parents can learn too!).

It’s really a simple concept, but witnessing it firsthand will astound you. When children fall into the water, their natural instinct is to swim to the nearest object they see. This is often an unsafe distance across a body of water or pool. Goldfish Swim School teaches infants to turn around. Then to get out of the pool, infants are taught to remember Elbow, Elbow, Tummy, Knee, Knee. Your child feels such a sense of accomplishment, and as a parent you are amazed at what the child has learned and calmer knowing he or she can play safer.

With you as the Momma Bear and a resource such as Goldfish Swim School, your kids can be safer in and around water and have more fun too!

Looking for a gentle, fun way to introduce your baby to the water? Then join Goldfish Swim School for a Bubbles’ Baby class.* This FREE trial class for infants between the ages of 3 and 6 months is a great way to bond while getting your baby comfortable with the water. Join Goldfish Swim School and enjoy fun activities such as blowing bubbles and singing songs while introducing important water safety and early swim skills.

* The FREE Bubbles’ Baby trial class is available only at participating locations. Please contact the Goldfish Swim School nearest to you to find out more –

This article is provided by Goldfish Swim Schools of Metro Detroit for Oakland County Moms. See related posts below to learn more about Goldfish Swim Schools and to read their posts.

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