View Michigan Ballots Online

View Michigan Ballots Online for Upcoming Elections – Links to MI elections by county. Educate yourself on the ballot before you head to the polls.

Have you ever gone to vote for an election only to be surprised at the number of seats or items on a ballot needing your vote? Like me, you may show up to vote for or against a proposal or are looking specifically to vote for a certain office or open chair. You can take the guesswork out of any upcoming ballot by finding your Michigan ballots.


Our friends at have provided a handy link to take the guesswork out of upcoming Michigan election ballots. Simply click this link, and Select VIEW BALLOTS BY PRECINCT. Select your Michigan county, Michigan jurisdiction and Michigan precinct and you can view any upcoming Michigan election ballots online as it will appear in the voting booth. This convenient link allows voters to voters to research every Michigan candidate, proposal, millage and seat prior to election day.

The Michigan Department of State website also allows obtain a voter registration application form online. Click here for more info on how to view Michigan ballots online.

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