Viome Microbiome Test for Leaky Gut & Autoimmune Conditions

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Viome Microbiome Test – How to use a simple test from Viome to help autoimmune disease symptoms, leaky gut, understand food allergies, and get your overall health back on track. Viome is a preventive health company that looks to address chronic diseases, cancer, and aging.

No matter how bad your auto immune symptoms are, no matter how many food allergies you have, this simple test can help.


Viome Microbiome Test – HOW IT WORKS

Viome offers the microbiome test. It can be ordered online without a doctor’s prescription. In case you’re wondering – yes, it’s a mail-in poop test. The same kind they use for colon cancer screening. You will receive results in a couple of weeks. There is also a more detailed test – Viome Full Body Intelligence Test – that includes saliva and blood sampling as well, with more extensive results.

The Viome at-home test kits are very easy to use. They come well-packaged and with very detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Viome also provides a pre-paid postage mailer to send your samples in. There is a thorough questionnaire that needs to be completed before you can get the results from your test.

Test results are VERY easy to understand. You can view the results via their website or the app. They give you a list of foods they find to be “harmful” (your “kryptonite foods” avoid at all costs), “neutral foods” (don’t sweat these), and a list of your “superfoods” (eat as much as you want). They also suggest supplements to help you heal. If you click on either a Superfood or an Avoid food, Viome provides an explanation for why that food is in that category. I found this to be very helpful. I like knowing the “why.” Viome suggests you follow this diet for 4 to 6 months and then retest.

You would be surprised by the foods results on your microbiome test. For example, broccoli came back as a “kryptonite” food for me that I need to completely avoid for now. I was eating broccoli every day thinking I was really helping myself, go figure.

In addition to the food results, the more extensive Viome Full Body Intelligence Test also reports on your digestive health, immunity, oral health, cardiovascular health, inflammation, brain/cognitive health, your biological age, and more. If there are areas that are considered “Not Optimal,” Viome provides a list of food recommendations as well as a custom-formulated supplement. Viome provides such detailed descriptions on each result so you can learn about what each means and how a “not optimal” result affects your health. Even though this all made sense once I read it, it’s not something I could have discovered without doing this test. This information is invaluable. You get a sneak peek into areas that most doctors don’t even come close to…areas that attempt to PREVENT serious health conditions.

I am sharing this with all of you because of how miraculous it has been for me. I am not getting paid to say any of this.

Viome Microbiome Test COUPON CODE

You can order the test at Viome has also extended an offer for our readers for $110 Off! Just use the coupon code OCM10.

Viome Microbiome Test – HELP AND ADVICE

You can also email me if you have any questions, I’ll try to steer you on the right path if you have questions regarding autoimmune diseases and diet. –


DISCLAIMERMy content may contain affiliate links so if you buy something through this link, you won’t pay a penny more and I’ll earn some pocket change, which helps keep the lights on. My opinions are always my own. I truly believe in the product. It has been the “lifesaver” that has been missing through my “journey” for 20 years.


For more info on starting a Viome Microbiome Test process, visit Use code OCM10 when ordering for $110 off!

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