Worst Christmas Present Ever Stories

Worst Christmas Present Ever – Everyone has a “what were they thinking?” Christmas gift story. Here are some hilarious examples of gift-giving gone awry.

No one wants to give a bad Christmas present – SOME effort and a LITTLE thought usually go a long way in making sure a gift is well-received. Even if you miss the mark on gift-giving, you can include a receipt and everything is fine. However, some people seem to go out of their way to give truly awful Christmas or holiday presents. I’ve compiled a list of some stories submitted to Lottay, a now extinct website that tried to instill proper gift-giving etiquette. I originally posted these years ago but I’m bringing them back for this holiday season.


Worst Christmas Present Ever Stories

“Once I received a clock with a gigantic moose on it. I hate the woodsy theme and the worst part is every hour the moose makes a loud groan for 60 seconds. There is no way to shut it off. My mother in law bought it and since she is at my house to watch my kids every day I can’t put it away. Every time the moose groans she laughs and says that it was the best gift idea she ever had. I’ve tried to break it several times without luck.”

“The worst gift I have ever received was for my birthday from my boyfriend. After being together for a year and a half, he got me a Red Baron pizza. I also got a stupid card and a bag of peanut M&Ms…..I don’t even like peanut M&Ms.”

“A couple of years ago, my sister gave me a pair of pajamas with the phrase “SLEEPS WELL WITH OTHERS” across the front of the shirt, which I opened in front of my husband and entire family. Nice. What are you trying to say, sis?”

“One year when I was about 12, my Granny gave me a piggy bank that she had made from a Clorox bottle. Complete with pipecleaner tail! I have always been very crafty and enjoyed making things. I guess she thought I would like it because she had made it. Well, I kept it and began to fill it with loose change. What completed the experience was when she asked for it back about 6 months later. She wanted to use it in a display in her Sunday school class!”

“I had only been dating this guy for a couple weeks. It wasn’t going anywhere, and I didn’t think either of us took it too seriously. Well, he invites me over to his mom’s house for dinner … In front of everyone, he gives me this gold necklace, like one that might have your name spelled out, only instead of my name, it says ‘taken’. When I got home that night, I bagged up the necklace plus a couple other little things he had given me and left them on his front porch. Creepy.”

“For Christmas one year, my mother-in-law gave me a video tape on how to give yourself a breast exam … that she got for free someplace. It was placed in a gift box wrapped with Christmas paper and ribbon.”

Do you have any worst Christmas present ever stories.

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