How to Remove Temporary Tattoos


How to Remove Temporary Tattoos – How to get rid of temporary tattoos. Kids love them, parents, not so much.  I’m talking about those temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos start off ok, if they are small enough and filled with bright colors. But, when kids get a temporary tattoo that is huge, has tons of black in it, and starts to wear off and look goofy, I can’t get it removed fast enough.


TIPS – How to Remove Temporary Tattoos – Products 

  • Goo Be Gone
  • Olive oil on a paper towel
  • Mouthwash with peroxide and wipe it off
  • Baby oil on a towel
  • Nail polish remover
  • Milky make up remover
  • Waterproof sunscreen lotion
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hair dye remover
  • Scotch tape
  • Baby wipes

All these products are not created equal when it comes to removing a temporary tattoo. I’ve had success using olive oil, baby oil, baby wipes and a little elbow grease. Some temporary tattoos are a lot tougher than others. I would recommend starting with the mildest products to remove the tattoo and slowly building to harsher, more drastic measures.

My daughter had a recent fake tattoo (see pic) on her arm that was quite stubborn. We tried using rubbing alcohol to remove it and no luck.  I didn’t want to use anything too harsh on a child’s skin. I went with the mild option of baby oil. I dabbed the baby oil on the ratty tattoo and let it soak in for a minute or so before gently wiping it away with a moist wash cloth. Since then I’ve used olive oil (and a little elboy grease) to remove the stubborn tattoos with equal effectiveness.

So, if your child gets a temporary stick-on or fake tattoo in a cereal box or at a birthday party – there are plenty of options to get rid of it.