5 Athletes You Didn’t Know Were Born or Raised in Oakland

It is hard to believe that Oakland would not be home to some of the most famous athletes all over the world given the number of the sports teams that the town hosts. Sports fans would very well know about a number of phenomenal ones but there are a few who you would be astonished to know hail from Oakland, CA. So, be prepared to keep an eye around to find such athletes in Oakland at any time, whose games you religiously follow and even check out the list of the best sportsbooks on https://meta.reviews/.

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So, here is a list of 5 such athletes you would be surprised to know belongs to Oakland…

Marshawn Lynch – Yes, he is always found in the town to strengthen the Oakland Community via his FAM1st Family Foundation at any time when he is not running across football fields in his hometown or is engaged with Conan to play Mortal Kombat. His “BeastMode” store must be checked out in Downtown. He might also be found easily at Oakland Alameda Coliseum with the other party of the Oakland Raiders;

Gary Payton – Popularly known as “The Glove”, he was brought up in the same locality as Jason Kidd, his fellow player. He who had won the NBA championship against Miami in 2006 with his traditional hard-nosed defence is known for his mental strength in the course of a game. He is also engaged in community work with the association of the East Oakland Youth Development Center;

Damian Lillard – Yes, right there you have another one whom Oakland boasts of producing as one of the best point-guards. Dame is a big hot fireball on the court even if he was considerable on money with that particular crossover. He is also evidently the best rapper right now in the NBA;

Jason Kidd – The NBA All-Star for an amazing 10 times was born in San Francisco, the City but was brought up in the town of Oakland. He is most famous for his free kiss throwing habit and of course for his treys and dimes. In 2011, along with the Dallas Mavericks, he did win the Larry O’Brien trophy. Following this he served as the chief coach for the Milwaukee Bucks and has even gone into the Hall of Fame as a member of the class of 2018;

Bill Russell – Yes indeed, the great player who has more championship rings than the number of fingers he has, also has his roots here. It indeed is funny! He had moved to Oakland along with his family when he was at a tender age of 8 years. In his career spanning a period of 13 years, he has won a total of 11 NBA Championships and was famous in the NBA for his shot-blocking and rebounds.


Oakland is a great place when it comes to the question of sports and no doubt it has produced such a variety of gems. Especially in Basketball, it is nearly invincible with persistent extraordinary performances at the NBA.

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