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7-Eleven Pizza Review

7-Eleven Pizza Review – review and comparison of 7-11’s version of Little Caeser’s Hot-N-Ready pizza. Select 7-Elevens in Michigan now serve their version of Little Caeser’s Hot-n-Ready Pizza or ready-made pizza. I bought one for a cheap pizza review.

First, a bit of information… the 7-Eleven Pizza costs $5.55. That is the posted price at the time when I purchased it. It said the price was good til 11/5/13, but the manager told me they sometimes just keep extending the special and keep that price. When he first opened, the price started at $6 or $7, but it’s been $5.55 for a while now. The pizza is available as just cheese or with pepperoni and it’s the same price for both.

The 7-Eleven Pizzas are not exactly hot-n-ready… but they cook them for you right as you order them so you’re truly getting it hot out of the oven. The cook time is only 3 minutes so there’s barely a wait. I prefer this to not knowing how long the pizza sat in the heater chamber being kept warm ala Little Caeser’s ready-made pizzas.

There are currently only five 7-Eleven locations in Michigan that serve the large pizzas, and they are all the newer locations. The newer locations can do it because they had the new ovens installed when they were recently built. The location we got ours from is the one in Rochester Hills, Michigan off Rochester Road at Wabash near Jersey Mike’s.

Now for our take on the taste… you’d think the quality wouldn’t be there, but it really was a decent pizza. My husband prefers it over Little Caesar’s, and added that it’s a huge bonus that you can pick one of these up any time of the day or night. It’s a frozen style pizza that cooks quickly in the special oven. The dough is not thin like one of the quick frozen pizzas you’d find in the freezer aisle of the store. It’s a nice thick crust, and decent toppings giving you a good tasting pizza for the price.

Don’t get me wrong, cheap pizza is still cheap pizza but it really does hold up well compared to Little Caeser’s ready to go pizzas. The sauce is zestier and the sauce goes all the way to the crust where Little Caeser’s pizza can often be way more crust most of the time than pizza. If I was going for a head-to-head cheap pizza winner, I’d take 7-Eleven Pizza over Little Caesers every time.

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