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A Nanny Network Childcare Placement Agency

A Nanny Network, Inc. is one of the pioneers of the nanny placement industry. Established in 1984, they are the original nanny placement agency in Michigan. What sets A Nanny Network apart from other agencies is their longevity and unique services. As experts in the field, they strive to place nannies with families while giving each the personal care and attention they deserve. A Nanny Network is a company on a mission – one of helping parents find quality childcare and peace of mind, and nannies to find fabulous jobs. For over 3 decades, their passion has been the care, safety and well-being of their clients. The majority of A Nanny Network’s loyal clients and nannies have been with them for decades. As the industry leader, the have listened to what their clients and caregivers have had to say and responded with their exceptional customer service and innovative leasing program.

A Nanny Network is the only nanny agency to ever have been screened and licensed by the State of Michigan! WDIV (Channel 4) calls them “Michigan’s most prestigious agency for professional child care.”

Indicative of the great care and concern A Nanny Network has for their families, they have developed and honed their strict criteria for screening and vetting each applicant, thereby allowing the family comfort and security in knowing that the time-consuming and expensive task of researching and vetting applicants has already been handled by A Nanny Network.

A Nanny Network offers many services which makes them a great resource to have. Their services include: Leasing and payroll processing, nannies and governesses, live-in or live-out, full time or part time, permanent or temporary, overnight, hotel/airport, parties, vacations, corporate daycare staffing, full housekeeping, home or estate manager, elderly companions, chefs and more.

Unlike other agencies or payroll services, when you lease a nanny, housekeeper, or other employee through A Nanny Network, all payroll, administrative and employer responsibilities shift to A Nanny Network. Paying your nanny legally and above-board is now an FSA compatible, tax deductible, no-fuss no-muss option through A Nanny Network. A Nanny Network offers a full menu of optional benefits from which a family can choose, allowing the family to attract the highest quality professional candidates.

The passion that A Nanny Network feels for the industry they created decades ago continues to drive them to provide excellent customer service and uphold their high standards to this day.

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For more information, you may contact them at (866) 739-3767 or visit their website at

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