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ABCmouse Review

ABCmouse Review – review and coupon code info – ABCmouse Early Learning Academy is a kids website centered on helping pre-k, kindergarten and early elementary school. ABCmouse boasts a full online curriculum for kids ages 2-8.

Disclaimer – ABCmouse is a pay site and there are both pros and cons to this I will discuss below in this ABCMouse review.

ABCmouse Review

ABCmouse is an extremely focused on academics and this becomes apparent when you first logon to the site. The site is very professional-looking and appears very scholastic from the get-go. Even though ABCmouse is a pay site, they offer a free non-member learning area. The free area is a great place to explore and is obviously designed to whet the appetite to try to encourage parents to use the much larger pay portions of the site. The free portion of ABCmouse offers – reading lessons, math basics, books, puzzles, games, art and more. Since the site skews toward Kindergarten and pre-K users, the lessons are very basic and age-appropriate.

The pay area of ABCmouse offers a curriculum of over 2000 learning activities across all of their scholastic subjects (reading, math, beginning science, geography, art and music). The value for paying for the ABCmouse service is their six-level “step-by-step” learning path so a registered member can progress through lessons appropriately. Level 1 starts for ages 3 years of age and the lessons progress to Level 6 for ages 5 plus. They also offer a separate “Toddler area” for children as young as two years old. I personally did not view the lessons in the pay area but the process for being a paid member is well-documented on ABCmouse’s home page. You can pay by the month, or pay by the year (at a cost savings)

I normally don’t review or critique “pay sites” for our kids website directory. I personally have not used a pay site for my kids and like to explore free options. That said, the benefit of visiting a pay site like ABCmouse is that the site is completely safe and does not feature any advertising or external links. I appreciate this as a potential consumer. Some “free” kids websites feature distracting ad banners, pop ups or inappropriate Google links that parents have to monitor heavily. The educational promises that ABCmouse offer seem very legitimate and I wouldn’t hesitate to explore the pay option if I felt my children would benefit from an extensive pre-k or Kindergarten age learning before they make the jump to elementary school. Yes, there are plenty of free sites that offer learning activities. It just seems that ABCmouse is extremely focused and trustworthy when it comes to scholastic preparation.

I’m convinced ABCmouse has a lot to offer scholastically, but doesn’t necessarily seem fun or go the extra mile in the bells and whistles department. ABCmouse is a site that looks and feels like school. This is fantastic if you’re seeking a site solely to enhance your child’s academic skills. If you’re seeking fun and creativity for your child, you may want to click elsewhere.

ABCmouse Coupon

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I hope you found this ABCmouse review helpful.

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