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Accents Cosmetic Surgery Hydrafacial

Accents Cosmetic Surgery Hydrafacial review – Accents Cosmetic Surgery offers specials and coupons on their hydrafacials. The Accents West Bloomfield location granted me a hydrafacial for a review. I have had a few facials in my time, but this one was unique. There was a definite purpose and it was quite effective.

Accents Cosmetic Surgery Hydrafacial Review

The Accents Cosmetic Surgery hydrafacial Starts with an exfoliation of dead skin and black heads all over the face. The tool feels like some sort of a vacuum. It’s completely painless, but is doing great work. It repairs brown spots, age spots, discoloration, acne, minimizes wrinkles, etc. It’s also an effective option for those with acne (including teens). For acne, it is best to get a hydrafacial every couple weeks. For regular patients, it’s best every 3 to 4 weeks.

Accents Cosmetic Surgery Hydrafacial January Special – $150 for the service if you mention Oakland County Moms!

The next step in the hydrafacial process at Accents Cosmetic Surgery is the acid peel. This isn’t the typical “peel” that leaves your face red and raw looking. You won’t peel because it’s a serum that goes deep. Again, completely pain free.

Once the peel step is complete, the next procedure is the extraction. This helps remove black heads, white heads, and left over debris while infusing vitamins into the skin. It uses another painless vacuum-like method. If you’re curious, you can even view what was pulled from your pores in the machine’s resevoir!

Before moving onto the final step of hydration, Accents applies a Manuka Mask by Airelle. Dr. Berkowitz at Accents Cosmetic Surgery is the only doctor in Michigan that carries Airelle products – the first all natural medical grade skin care. The mask takes about 3-5 minutes and it helps hydrate and soothe the skin. It’s loaded with antioxidants, blueberries and Aloe. The mask gets painted on with a soft brush and then removed with a warm towel when complete.

The last step to the Accents Cosmetic Surgery Hydrafacial is hydration. Here’s where you face will reap the benefits from even more antioxidants. The solution is enriched with peptides which help fight free radicals. It also has a high amount of hyaluronic acid which helps with aging. Then it’s topped off with a finish of some SPF lotion.

Once the procedure was complete and I looked at myself closely in the mirror, I found the biggest differences to be that my skin was glowing, and much smoother, especially where I was seeing wrinkles develop, i.e. between the brows, on the nose, and on the chin.

You can customize your Accents Cosmetic Surgery Hydrafacial with add-ons as well, e.g. a derma builder add-on that helps fight aging as well.

The average time for the entire hydrafacial procedure at Accents Cosmetic Surgery is about 30-40 minutes. You are free to apply makeup afterward as you should not experience any peeling or irritation.

Accents Cosmetic Surgery West Bloomfield location
6256 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone – 866-984-8497

Accents Cosmetic Surgery Sterling Heights location
44650 Delco Blvd
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
Phone – 866-984-8497

Although this hydrafacial was granted to me for review purposes, my opinions are my own.

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