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Ageless with Kathy Smith DVD Review

Ageless with Kathy Smith DVD Review – review of fitness guru Kathy Smith’s new DVD – Ageless with Kathy Smith. There are certain fitness gurus that I give props to; people who have demonstrated a health and fitness way of life year after year, successfully. Kathy Smith is one of them. It’s hard to believe Kathy Smith is turning 60 this year! She is just as fit and gorgeous as she was back in the 80’s (when you could find her fitness posters plastering my husband’s bedroom walls).

Kathy Smith is very well known for her motivating and challenging workout videos. The first Kathy Smith workout video was released in 1984. Recently, Kathy Smith has put together a new workout video – Ageless with Kathy Smith: Staying Strong. This workout DVD, which debuts on May 3, 2011, is an age-fighting workout that features four 15 minute workouts that can be done separately (arms, legs, glutes, and core), or all together as one hefty, challenging 60 minute total body workout.

I have had the opportunity to view Kathy Smith’s latest workout video and I will tell you she is still one of the fittest people to walk this Earth. It is a challenging workout, but she will tell you methods to make movements easier if you can’t do something. Plus, there are no special pieces of equipment needed; just some light hand weights, a chair, and a mat if you need one (the carpet will do fine).

Special thanks to Acacia Lifestyle for arranging a review copy of Kathy Smith’s DVD to review and coordinating an Oakland County Moms interview with Kathy Smith herself.


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