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An Introduction to Tarot Cards

An Introduction to Tarot Cards – I recently became interested in Tarot cards. Raised Roman Catholic, this was quite the “immoral” move on my part, and something my Italian parents would never understand.

An Introduction to Tarot Cards

Being extremely analytical, mathematical, and a Black and White kind of gal, the Tarot cards allow me to use my analytical ways in a relaxing setting where I can take my thoughts and turn them into feelings and projections.

Tarot cards can be extremely relaxing and uplifting. It’s just a hobby of mine. I like to tinker with things I don’t completely understand and try to find benefits from them that help me grow as a person.

Do you sometimes have moments where you get a “feeling” about something that is going to happen and it ends up happening? I’m not talking about a real obvious out loud thought, but rather something more subtle. So subtle that you don’t even necessarily realize it until you put the pieces together after the fact.

I find myself doing this and getting a lot of gut feelings about things. My problem is that I’m not so in tuned to these “signs” where I can use them to my benefit. I’ve had psychics tell me I have psychic abilities…news to me. And, if that’s the case, why the heck can’t I prevent some of the dumb things from happening in my life? I’m not talking about overriding fate, I’m just talking about making decisions for my path in life, foreseeing the mistakes, etc.

I mentioned this all to my husband on occasion. I’ve also expressed that I’m a firm believer in spiritual guidance; I’ve always felt like loved ones from above were looking over and protecting me. I often call on them and ask for guidance when I feel like I am at a crossroads. My problem is that I am awful at interpreting the signs. So, I felt like the guidance was there, but that I was misreading it and hence misusing it.

My husband recently surprised me with a special gift to celebrate our 15th anniversary of the day we met. Funny thing was, when he handed me the gift, I knew what it was before I even opened it… (another psychic moment???) I was happy to see that it was a deck of tarot cards like I thought it would be, along with a beautiful amethyst crystal (my birthstone).

I immediately did some research on the best ways to get familiar with the cards and have them become ‘a part of me.’ – An Introduction to Tarot Cards… Without sounding too quirky here, I pulled the sewing machine out of storage and sewed a pouch for the deck of cards to give it my own special touch, I sleep with them under my pillow, and I put my white gold cross charm in the pouch with the cards. I also ordered a Tarot reading guide that is highly recommended (Tarot Readers Workbook by Sandy Anastasi). I’ve also been doing daily readings for myself as a way to practice and learn the cards.

What I have found so far has been very interesting on my introduction to tarot cards. It takes longer than I thought to get familiar with the cards and be able to transfer my “vibrations” to the cards so I can do a reading.

I’m still learning, but I see it getting easier which is a pretty neat feeling. I also am more able to see that these cards are trying to tell me something. This is interesting, surprising and comforting all at the same time. Of course, it’s not as black and white as I tend to require, but it’s a message none-the-less. I also go in knowing that the decisions I make each day can change the path that the cards are showing. So, life still goes on and is not dictated by what my cards tell me.

My intent was to use the cards as a means of communication. I was hoping that those loved ones who have passed over and who are watching over me would speak to me through the cards. I think that this is in fact happening. I feel like I’m now getting the guidance in a form that I can understand.

I know Tarot cards may sound crazy to some. And, many may think that I will rot in hell for what I’m doing. But, in all honesty, I’m trying to be the best person I can be in my life. And, if the souls of loved ones are speaking to me without “punishment,” who’s to say it’s wrong? Wouldn’t they know? So, if they’re sending me a message, I want to be sure to listen.

What was your introduction to tarot cards?

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