Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion Review

Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion Review – From Avon. Does the product work as a “Fountain of Youth” skin care product? I was intrigued when Paula Tutman of WDIV contacted me about a doing segment on the Fountain of Youth years back, and testing a wrinkle reducing product that guaranteed to make you look 5 years younger in 14 days. Since the product’s inception, Avon has exploded with numerous products from Anew so they are obviously doing something right.


Turning 40 was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Typically, I just view each birthday as a number but this time around, I began analyzing the heck out of my face, is it aging, do I have wrinkles, what’s up with those lines on my forehead?


To sum up this product review, I love it. I can honestly say I see a noticeable difference. They claim you will look 5 years younger in 14 days or your money back, and the claim truly comes through. After day 1, the first thing I noticed was a much softer skin that felt very moisturized. By day 3 I saw an evenness in my skin tone. I tried not to look in the mirror every single day, but when day 5 came around I saw the lines on my forehead already begin to diminish. By day 14 my skins was incredibly smooth. Anew Ultimate works.

It has been years since this initial product review now and I am still using ANEW ULTIMATE Night Gold Emulsion, but I only use when I feel my skin needs a “pick me up”. It’s not a daily habit for me. But, you can see that the results we came up with during this initial review are fantastic and you will see in the video how well it worked for others as well.

You can purchase ANEW Gold Emulsion through Avon on their website. Because the product is now widespread, you can also find the Anew line online at Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers. It’s a decent sized bottle that will last a good 2 months or so – mine still looks full.


I hope you find this Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion review helpful.

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