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Art and Apples Contest Winners 2009

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2009 – Prizes for the 2009 contest winners were designed by Tracey Priska and Russ Orlando, Faculty members of PCCA’s clay department, and includes beautiful pie and dessert plates.

Families at the Art & Apples event this year got a sneak peek at the delectable apple pies and desserts before the judges began their quest to pick a winner.

This year’s contest had two categories: apple pie and apple dessert.  There were three judges for each category.

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2009 – Judges

The judges for the apple pie contest were Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Miss Michigan USA Lindsey Tycholiz, and Jackie Greer, Staff and Pie Expert, Give Thanks Bakery, Rochester.

The judges for the apple dessert contest were Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, Miss Michigan Teen USA Kristen Danyal, and Gerald Matthes, Proprietor of Give Thanks Bakery in Rochester.

When asked about the competition, Miss Michigan Teen USA replied, “I’m not so crazy about sweets, but every one of these desserts was amazing!”

There were 20 entrants in this year’s competition. Once the judges had come to a decision, the announcement was made by Anna Biliti, VP of National City, Art and Apples’ sponsor.

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2009 – Pies

First Place – Linda Shepard
This apple pie is a hit with my family and my husband says it looks like a work of art! After bringing one to work, my co-workers asked for a pie crust-making lesson. The pie features pears along with apples and is a great addition to the Thanksgiving Day table.

Second Place – Elaine Watson
I like to mix apples for my Pie. Apple Pie made with a great homemade crust just can’t be beat.  I love making pies!

Third Place – Cheryl Zaranek
This apple pie is the best “Back to Basics” 100% apple pie around.  The simple trick is: fresh locally grown apples, real butter, fresh ground spices and cane sugar.  The recipe has been handed down for generations. A pure delight for Apple Pie Purists!

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2009 – Desserts

First Place – Maria Udicki
Tuscan Apple Cake – this rustic, vanilla scented cake is studded with pine nuts, raisins and delicious sweet apples.  It’s edges are baked into a caramel-y delight and it’s moist center melts in your mouth.  

Second Place –  Val McDowell
Whenever I go back to visit family in Nebraska, these Apple Bars are almost always part of a family meal. It is my sister Bev’s recipe and a family favorite with good reason–they’re delicious!

Third Place – Angela Fucich
Apple Cake – My mom & sisters and I have been using this recipe for as long as I can remember.  It is originally my grandmother’s recipe (or so I’ve been told!).  It contains orange juice & cinnamon…an unlikely c0mbination (I always thought) but it is awesome!!

[vsw id=”HU1pNAmbgME” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

View the video to see the judges in action and the announcement of the winners.

Once the winners were announced, the treats were sold to festival goers and were gone in minutes!

Congratulations to all the Art and Apples Contest Winners 2009 winners!

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