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Art and Apples Contest Winners 2011

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2011 – Families at the Art & Apples event this year got a sneak peek at the delectable apple pies and desserts before the judges began their quest to pick a winner.

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2011 – Judges

  • Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson
  • Jason Carr of FOX2
  • Katrina Schumacher of Westview Orchards.
  • Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett
  • Taryn Asher of FOX2
  • Pat Botkin of Talmer Bank and Trust

[vsw id=”SJf_E63uVaQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Twelve pies and 10 desserts made for a powerfully sweet aroma not even the strongest breeze could break. The judges had no problem getting through samples of each pie and dessert.

When I asked Jason Carr if it the judging was easier this year than last year he replied, “It was more clear cut. We all arrived at the same conclusion separately – the first pie first, second pie second, and third pie third.” I continued to ask if there were any unique pies that stood out with different ingredients and he responded, “One tasted more like a lemon meringue pie than an apple pie, and another was nutty. But the ones that were the winners were top notch traditional apple pies; exactly what you’d want on a weekend morning.”

I then took a moment to chat with Taryn Asher about the dessert category. I asked her if it was difficult to decide on desserts compared to pies (which she judged last year). She explained, “It is a liitle bit different because the desserts have to be more original becaues they’re not pies. They’re a lot more variations – cakes and cheese cakes, and things I’ve never even tasted before. It was delicious.” I asked if it was difficult to decide and she said, “It’s always difficult. You could tell all the judges were taking it very seriously. So, I tried to take it just as serious and did my best.” Taryn added that “all three judges were absolutely unanimous.”

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2011

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2011 – Desserts

1st place – Earl Miller, Lake Orion
2nd place – Elizabeth Lordon, Rochester Hills
3rd place – Jessica Lenaway, Rochester

Art and Apples Contest Winners 2011 – Pies

1st place – Diane Young, Rochester
2nd place – Elaine Watson, Rochester
3rd place – Cheryl Zaranek, Rochester Hills

Once the winners were announced, the treats were sold to festival goers and were gone in minutes! The winners each received a pie/dessert plate handcrafted by PCCA.

Congrats to the Art and Apples Contest Winners 2011

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