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Arthur Christmas Movie Review

Arthur Christmas Movie Review – review of the movie Arthur Christmas starring the voices of Hugh Laurie, Joan Cusak, Eva Longoria and others.I was invited to join the winners of the Arthur Christmas movie passes and watch the movie at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets AMC theatre at a pre-screening. Arthur Christmas officially opens Wednesday, November 23rd.

Arthur Christmas is a movie that attempts to answer the many questions so many kids ask… how does Santa get all around the world in one night? How does Santa answer all the letters? How does Santa deliver all those presents and does he really fit down the chimney? Arthur Christmas gives kids a behind the scenes view of the “Mission Impossible” styled high tech operation being run by the Claus family, and how magic and Santa’s team make it happen. The Claus family includes Santa, Mrs. Claus, their children Arthur and Steve, and grandfather GrandSanta.

This demonstration in Arthur Christmas is complemented by the comedic story of the Claus family, their many differences and personalities, and how the most doubted one (Arthur) sets out to complete an urgent mission before Christmas morning. The adventure of Arthur Christmas brings the family together and exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas.

The voice of Arthur is played by James McAvoy, brother Steve is played by Hugh Laurie (of House), and you’ll hear voice overs by Eva Longoria and Joan Cusack as well.

The animation and illustrations were well done. The story line and pace of Arthur Christmas movie is probably more applicable for ages 5 and up. I noticed many of the younger kids were antsy and parents had to get up and walk them around. I hope this Arthur Christmas movie review is helpful.

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