B Spot Rochester Hills CLOSED

b spot rochester hills

B Spot Rochester Hills Review – Pics, hours, and menu info for B Spot Burgers, owned by Michael Symon, located at the Village of Rochester Hills in Rochester Hills MI.

UPDATE 9/17 – B-Spot at the Village of Rochester closed as the Village of Rochester Hills makes way for a book store to take over the location. Below is our original review from 10/24/14

Celebrity Chef and Restauranteur Michael Symon opens B Spot Burgers, a gourmet hamburger restaurant, at the Village of Rochester Hills.

May 24, 2014 was the grand opening of the B Spot Village of Rochester Hills location and I showed up early to review the much-anticipated restaurant.


Rochester / Rochester Hills has more than their fair share of “better-than-fast-food burgers” or “gourmet hamburgers”. Burgrz is just a stone’s throw from B Spot, Johnny’s Wayback Burger is close and SmashBurger now dots the landscape across Metro Detroit. Heck, you can get a decent hamburger at Max N’ Ermas (right next door to B Spot).

B Spot is all about gourmet burger prestige. In the case of B Spot, the “Best Burgers In America” (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014) title is no mere marketing ploy. The burgers are fantastic and well worth the 6 months I waited to try them since it was announced B Spot would open in Rochester Hills.

Despite the anticipation, B Spot managed to take me by surprise. For the culinary expertise put into the menu, I expected higher prices. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the B Spot signature burgers (Thin Lizzy, Fat Doug, Yo!, New Jack City, Atomic, Plain Jain, Smashers Special and others) were in the comfortable $6.99-$9.99 range. So, you get far superior quality to restaurants like Burgrz & Fuddruckers at the same prices (if not lower). You can also substitute any beef in your burgers for: veggie burger, grilled chicken, thick-cut bologna, or turkey burger.

I was also surprised by the truly unique and flavorful sauces. Any restaurant can feature signature sauces but the Michael Symon B Spot signature sauces are truly special. Try the Coffee BBQ Sauce or the super zesty Shasha Sauce and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

B Spot is more than hamburgers. B Spot is for Burgers, Beers, Brats & Bourbon. The atmosphere is relaxed-casual as an upscale bar that also happens to serve the best burgers. If burgers aren’t your thing, they have 9 entrée choices featuring brats, thick-cut bologna, and chicken. Side dishes include the famous Lola fries, Porky Fries with pulled pork, and B Spot Onion Rings.

If you’re not seduced by the allure of the burgers, B Spot is incredible on its own as a bar. B Spot features over 24 beers (from local craft gourmet to PBR cans), bourbons and specialty drinks galore.

Despite the party bar setting, B Spot Rochester Hills is remarkably kid-friendly. Kids menu items are just $5.99 and there are plenty of choices.


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The staff handled the hectic grand opening beautifully and seem very well-trained. Waitstaff and bartenders at B Spot have no problem making extremely helpful food and drink recommendations.

Other restaurants have tried and failed at that same Village of Rochester Hills location (FlatTop Stir Fry Grill most recently). Those restaurants didn’t have the pedigree or management behind them that B Spot does so I’m hoping B Spot does as well as their burgers taste. I’ll be back. To check out B Spot Rochester Hills menu, visit http://bspotburgers.com/

B Spot Rochester Hills
Village of Rochester Hills
NE corner of Walton and Adams
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

B Spot Rochester Hills Hours
Monday – Thursday – 11:30a -9:30p
Friday & Saturday – 11:30a – 10:30p
Sunday – 11:30a – 9p

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B Spot Rochester Hills CLOSED

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