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Bangkok Crossing Lake Orion Review РPics, menu info, and hours. Best Thai food restaurant in Oakland County? Bangkok Crossing in Lake Orion has to be considered!

Bangkok Crossing Thai Restaurant is located on N Park Blvd in Lake Orion, Michigan, with a second location in Detroit (620 Woodward Avenue 313-961-3861). Bangkok Crossing Thai Restaurant is definitely up there for one of the best Thai food restaurants in Oakland County, Michigan.

Bangkok Crossing Thai Restaurant offers the typcial Thai food you’d find, e.g. all the favorites such as Pad Thai, Pad Se’ew, Fried Rice, seafood, spring rolls, etc. The menu is complete with lots to offer.


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The food at Bangkok Crossing Thai Restaurant is fresh and made to order. When we dined in, it seemed to take a bit longer to get our food when ordering, which is comforting because it has me believing they are cooking it up rather than heating it up. The end result was very good Pad Thai and Pad Se’ew. The noodles were cooked well, and the amount of seasoning and sauce were spot on. I’ve tried it with shrimp as well as scallops and both were good. Options for heat are mild, medium and hot.

Bangkok Crossing is great for take-out as well as dining in. The restaurant itself has about six or so tables, but doesn’t have problems filling up since many do take out. But, if you’re looking to dine in and enjoy the soup and shrimp chips with your meal, it’s a nice option. The place is very clean, and the staff is courteous, kind, and offers up great customer service.

Portions at Bangkok Crossing Lake Orion are big, and pricing seems about average for what you’d find at Thai food restaurants around here. There’s a mark-up for the seafood options like scallops and shrimp, but the size of the scallops and shrimp are decent. I’ve had some Thai places drop in mini shrimp and mini scallops that are barely big enough to chew. Bangkok Crossing is of higher quality.

Bangkok Crossing Lake Orion Pics

Bangkok Crossing Lake Orion Hours
Monday – Friday 11am – 8:30 pm
Saturday Noon – 10:00 pm
Sunday 3pm – 9pm

Bangkok Crossing Lake Orion Thai Restaurant
193 N Park Blvd
Lake Orion, MI 48362
Phone – 248-693-5528

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