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Billy Sims BBQ Troy MI Review

Billy Sims BBQ Troy MI Review and menu info. Billy Sims BBQ is located on South Blvd just east of Crooks in Troy MI and serves barbecue lunch and dinner options. Former Detroit Lions star Billy Sims brought his popular brand of BBQ from the south straight to Metro Detroit.

I had a chance to review Billy Sims Barbecue and even meet Billy Sims himself! Now, Billy Sims Barbecue restaurant has locations in Troy, Southfield, and Lincoln Park, and offers delicious BBQ for sit-down meals, catering or carryout. You can even buy the BBQ meats by the pound. Billy Sims Barbecue restaurants are popular in Oklahoma, Billy’s old college stomping grounds, and the move to expand to Metro Detroit makes sense because of his popularity as an ex Lions great.

If you’re a Food Network or Travel Channel fanatic like I am, you know that when it comes to southern-style BBQ restaurants in Michigan, we seem to lag behind the South. Sure, Metro Detroit has chain BBQ restaurants like Famous Dave’s, or great BBQ places like Union Woodshop (Clarkston), Lockhart’s BBQ (Royal Oak) or Slows BBQ (Detroit); but “we” don’t have many places like the ones that dot interstates in the South. I’m talking about barbecue joints… “meat and eat” joints where the table cloths are paper, the frills are low and the food is fantastic. Billy Sims Barbecue is an attempt to bring a BBQ shack-like restaurant to Detroit while keeping some chain restaurant sensibility. Billy Sims Barbecue succeeds in both. Not only is Billy Sims Barbecue sensible, it’s delicious and affordable too!

Billy Sims Barbecue offers order and sit convenience. Billy Sims BBQ menu dinners include: brisket, pulled pork, Texas steak (bologna), smoked chicken breast, smoked turkey, hot links sausage, polish sausage and ribs. You can order meats to combo up and add sides for extra money. Lunch or sandwich options include: brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, smoked turkey, bologna, hot link sausage and polish sausage. You can order any of the meats by the pound. Typical BBQ side-dish favorites include: potato salad, green beans, cole slaw, Billy’s BBQ beans, smoked corn on the cob and Texas toast. All the hallmarks of traditional southern BBQ!

I’d classify Billy Sims Barbecue restaurant is a little bit of Famous Dave’s but far more authentic when it comes to BBQ. They have booths but also feature banquet table seating with folding chairs you’d find in a real southern BBQ joint. Lions decor and reminders from Billy’s Detroit Lions days adorn the entire restaurant. There’s even a Billy Sims gift shop in the restaurant where you can stock up on Billy Sims t-shirts and, I can’t believe I’m writing this, Billy Sims Chia Pets?!

My lunch, a brisket sandwich with a side of Billy’s BBQ beans, was tremendous. The brisket was tender and delicious. I was surprised that only 2 sauces were offered (hot or sweet & mild) but both were adequate. I’ve had better BBQ sauces than these ones. Lockart’s comes to mind but the Billy Sims’ sauces were decent. I’d definitely make a return visit. Billy Sims Barbecue offers great BBQ served fast! Much more affordable than Famous Dave’s, Union Woodshop and Slows. Sure, the atmosphere might be a little quirky, but if you’re just looking for authentic southern BBQ in Metro Detroit and not a lot of frills, Billy Sims Barbecue will do nicely.

Billy Sims Barbecue BBQ Metro Detroit Locations

Billy Sims BBQ Troy MI
1977 W South Blvd
Troy, Michigan 48098
Phone: 248-688-9291

Billy Sims BBQ Southfield MI
25025 Telegraph Rd
Southfield, MI 48033
Phone: 248-809-2861

Billy Sims BBQ Lincoln Park MI
3695 Dix Highway
Lincoln Park, MI 48146
Phone: 313-791-7346

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