Black Friday Shopping Tips and Strategies

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Black Friday shopping tips and secrets from fashion and beauty expert Jamie Krell. I interviewed Jamie to find out the best Black Friday shopping tips and strategies.Black Friday is a big shopping day and has become a craze among deal seekers. I myself have been out and about on that chilly early morning fighting the crowds, waiting in the long lines, and eagerly shopping for some of the biggest deals out there. Black Friday is a rush!


I interviewed fashion expert Jamie Krell to find out the tricks and strategies for the best Black Friday shopping experience. Here’s the interview.

Black Friday Shopping Tips and Strategies

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – I’ve always been the type that ventured out in the darkness at 3:30a with hot tea to battle the Black Friday crowds. With the way things are trending, I’m noticing many great Black Friday deals online. Are you finding that shoppers may not need to head out into the cold to get their deals?

Fashion and Style Expert Jamie Krell – A lot of the shopping can be done online. But, I have to say – and you can call me crazy – I kind of like going with my friends and my family after our big Thanksgiving meal. We’re all together anyway. And, I just kind of like having the support system, having the people I love the most out with me while I’m shopping for all my holiday gifts because my mom is right there, and I can say “What do you think about this for Dad?” For me, it cuts the hassle for having to return a bunch of things in the mail and deal with all that jazz. So, for me, personally, I like going and it’s become something that I look forward to because it’s fun and I’m with my friends and my family.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – It is a great tradition. I used to do that with my sister. We’d get up early and shop, being sure that we had our cell phones ready as we sometimes would split up and cover two locations to get both deals. We’d also have first access to ideas for shopping for each other’s kids.

Fashion and Style Expert Jamie Krell – Yes, it’s become a tradition. And, I think having those traditions is something now that I look forward to. After a wonderful meal, we take power naps, rest up, I get my crew together…you need the best team on board. Like you said, we do it together and it’s something we have a lot of great memories because of it.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – Absolutely. Speaking of Black Friday shopping tips, what time of day is the best for Black Friday shopping?

Fashion and Style Expert Jamie Krell – Well, there’s actually a lot of early bird deal specials and they start at 4am. Now, that is too early for me I have to say. But from 4am to 11am is when you really can get the best deals. But, a lot of the people think they have to be there first thing in the morning, 4am sharp. But, the truth is, if you kind of go around 7am/8am, anytime before 11am, closer to 11am, you’re still going to be fine. You’re still going to be able to take advantage of those deals. I also like the idea of going a week in advance to some of your favorite stores. Pick 3 -5 and see what kinds of deals they’re offering so you know if it’s even worth your while to go into those stores. And, also follow those stores on social media because they’re going to be tweeting out and blasting out what those offers are so you know if it’s worthwhile.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – Right. With all the competition and everyone trying to boost sales, would you say Black Friday is still the day to get the best Holiday shopping deals?

Fashion and Style Expert Jamie Krell – Yes, it’s not the biggest shopping day of the season and the year, for no reason you know. You should really be taking advantage because some of those designer stores or maybe the stores that you wouldn’t otherwise be shopping at throughout the year, you can go and buy those designer more high end items or things you’ve been eyeing throughout the year, but they can be up to 65% off… sometimes even 90. I personally love going to the outlet mall. I love going to get designer items that are already discounted and then you’re going to take an additional – up to 65% or like I said sometimes 90 – off of that. It is the time to take advantage of getting those items you wouldn’t otherwise be buying for yourself or for your loved ones throughout the year.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – That is so true. So, now that we’re talking Black Friday shopping tips, what other tricks of the trade can you share for successful Black Friday shopping?

Fashion and Style Expert Jamie Krell – Well, once you’ve sort of followed the stores on social media or if you had your down time and you popped in and you’ve asked them “What are the deals you’re offering?” and when’s the best time to be there because maybe each store is different. So, do your homework and pick those top five. You know, have a strategy. I like the idea after your Thanksgiving dinner, take a power nap, wake up and then get everyone fueled and pumped and excited about the big day ahead. I like to brew tea for everyone. My most favorite I’ve been drinking for years… I’m a huge fan… it’s call Sweet and Spicy. It’s from Good Earth. It’s all natural. It’s mixed with Cinnamon and orange so it smells delicious. It literally smells – it feels like the holidays throughout your house. But, it’s warm and it’s cozy. And, like you even mentioned… you have your warm cup of tea in your hand. I like to do tea roadies to go so you can sip in the car, you can sip throughout the day. You want to say hydrated and be fueled. Put out healthy breakfast sandwiches for everyone and then go. You have your strategy. You have your stores. It’s more fun. It’s less of a hassle that way. I also like the idea of you know, people don’t like to deal with driving and parking – so, use the transportation apps … where literally at the touch of a button, you get an SUV car for everybody so you save an hour trying to look for parking. You’re ahead of the game there. They’ll drop you off and pick you up and you can even split the fare. Again, no cash exchange, just a hit of a button.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – That’s a fantastic idea. People are usually still parking their cars and miss the specials! Those lots fill up!

Fashion and Style Expert Jamie Krell – Oh my gosh, yes! Use those apps for sure. Utilize them.

You can learn more about Jamie and more about Black Friday shopping tips by checking her out on instagram.

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