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The Power of Hypnobirthing Years Later

The Power of Hypnobirthing Years Later – the benefits of hypnobirthing last well beyond the actual birthing experience. It can be applied to other facets

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Lisa LaGrou

Parenting Hindsight – Mistakes? I’ve Made a Few

Hindsight is 20/20. Parenting hindsight is even clearer. My parenting facepalm moments – the philosophies and modes of thinking I struck out on. Nothing cataclysmic here… and I’m certainly not going to dwell. Just something to look back on and chuckle a little bit.

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#IMomSoHard Interview

#IMomSoHard Interview – Internet sensation, IMOMSOHARD, is on a Fall “Getwaway Tour”, and they are making a stop at The Masonic Temple in Detroit on November 11. Kristin

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Paws 2 Learn In Home Dog Training

Paws 2 Learn In Home Dog Training of Metro Detroit review. Paws 2 Learn is a newly opened business that comes to your home to train your dog. When I first

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Toy Trends 2021

Toy Trends 2021 – Every Christmas season brings on the hype about what’s hot in toys and play. I interviewed the Senior Director of the Toy Association, Adrienne Appell,

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