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Bloomer Park Stairs Workout Rochester Hills

Bloomer Park stairs workout review, pics, & video. “The Stairs” or staircase at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills MI is one of the best outdoor fitness workouts in Oakland County.BloomerParkPlayground2

Bloomer Park is a gem. It’s changed and developed so much over the decades that many people aren’t aware of many of the features. When I visit to do the Bloomer Park stairs workout, I often run into older people that used to visit in the 1970s and beyond that marvel at how well it has held up with the addition of modern equipment and well-manicured trails. Bloomer Park stairs & bloomer park are maintained by the City of Rochester Hills Parks Department


I, by no means, invented the Bloomer Park stairs workout. I’ve been doing it for about a decade and see a lot of people doing various workouts using the 200 step (approximate) Bloomer Park staircase to nature. Either way, it’s great to see people pushing themselves outdoors in the fresh air and nature and not stuck at a Lifetime surrounded by 50 million watts of technology.


Bloomer Park Stairs Workout Video

Bloomer Park Stairs Workout Video 2

Bloomer Park Stairs Workout Routine – Do some thorough stretching followed by a light jog down the main Bloomer Park staircase (to the left of the Stone Shelter). Stretch a little more at the bottom and your workout begins! Jog or walk up the steps. If you skip steps (or doublestep), you’ll work your quads more. If you take each step one at a time, you’ll get some heavy cardio and tone your calf muscles more. Walking the steps is not a “piece of cake” either. Once at the top, briskly walk (to keep your heart rate steady) to the LEFT and you’ll see a path opening about 1/6 of a mile down. Take this short path until you reach the NEXT set of stairs. Be careful. This path is a little unsteady and has many tree roots. Briskly take these steps to the bottom and take the path to your LEFT. Try to keep your walk rate brisk to keep your heart rate balanced. A quarter-mile nature hike later and you’re back at the bottom of staircase #1. Repeat these “laps” as desired. Your lungs and legs will be tired but the fresh air feels great! Repeat these “laps”. If you’re new to fitness, 1 lap will feel brutal. Now, in my 16th year of doing the stairs workout, my routine consists of 5-10 laps.

My typical Bloomer Park Stairs Workout goes like this: 1st lap double step jog, 2nd lap double step walk, 3rd lap single step walk. Repeat as necessary. I usually do 5, 7, or 10 laps total. I only do 10 when I know I’m not doing much the rest of the day!

I developed the above workout routine through trial and error. When I started doing the Bloomer Park stairs workout back in 2007, my cardio level was poor. So, by the time I went up the stairs once or twice, it took me so long to recover that I often cut my workouts really short. I developed lightly walking from one staircase to the other and all the way around back to the original stairs as a means of calming my heart rate to do another lap up the stairs. It works perfectly! The 6 minute nature walk allows my lungs to catch up so I can do another set. 1 full lap of the stairs workout at Bloomer takes between 6-7 minutes (including the trip up). This also allowed my workout to be equal parts legs and cardio. I feel this Bloomer Park Stairs Workout is the best combination to blast your lungs and your legs equally.


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The Bloomer Park video I took gives the basics of the location and some helpful, descriptive tips. Due to camera shakiness, I left out the workout routine but it’s a great introduction and road map of the basics involving the steps and the stairs at Bloomer Park.

The steps is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of fitness. Bloomer Park offers sledding, baseball fields, cross country skiing and miles of nature trails.

Bloomer Park
375 John R Road
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309

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Bloomer Park is open year-round. Check out the Bloomer Park stairs today.

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