Boa Soft Boot Inline Skates Review and Video

Boa Soft Boot Inline Skates Review and Video – review and video demonstration of Boa Soft Boot Inline Skates which allow you to tighten rollerblade laces with the touch of a button.

My husband got me into roller blading back when we first met. I was surprised how into it he was. He was definitely more daring than I. He loved the trails at Stony Creek and he glided with ease down the biggest hills. I’m a tad more cautious and would always either wipe out or walk down the hills in my blades (if I was lucky:).


But, each time I bladed, I would always end the activity earlier than I’d wanted to because my feet would hurt from the skates. I have narrow feet, but for some reason, the plastic style boot would feel like it was pushing on the outsides of my feet right on the bones.

When I was asked to check out and review the Boa Soft Boot Inline Skate at Summit Sports in Rochester Hills, I was curious what the blades would be like. My main concern was comfort, and it has been a while since I purchased blades so maybe things have changed. I was happy to see they did.

The roller blade shown to me was a Boa Soft Boot Inline Skate. That immediately was much more comfortable than the plastic boot and solved the pain problem. I also loved the Boa mechanism which makes putting on the skates much easier than it used to be. You simply slide on the skate, snap the hinges closed, push in the Boa button and turn the knob to tighten the “laces.” Taking them off is a breeze as well. You pull out the Boa button and loosen the skate so it slides right off.

If I ever decide to take another stab at it, Boa Soft Boot Inline Skates would be the blades I would buy.

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