Box4Blox Lego Sorter Video – Review


Review and video demonstration of the Box4Blox Lego sorter, a handy Lego accessory that sifts and sorts Lego blocks making Lego organization easier.

Box4Blox Lego sorter is a storage unit for Lego pieces that sorts the pieces by size. Box4Blox comes with a lid and four stacked trays. Each tray has square-sized openings for Lego pieces to fall through. The concept being that the top tray has the largest sized openings, and the openings get smaller with each tray so the smallest Lego pieces continue to fall through to the bottom tray.


After dumping a bunch of Legos into the Box4Blox, you can give it a quick shake so that the pieces settle and sort themselves into the different trays. Then, you can take the trays apart and have four bins holding Legos of similar sizes… making your creative Lego time a bit more organized and easier to sort and find pieces. If you can imagine a prospector panning for gold, that’s pretty sums up how the sorter works.


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I tried the Box4Blox to see if it worked as well as it intends. The video will also demonstrate how the Box4Blox works. Overall, the unit does what it is built to do. You can see how big the Box4Blox is in the video. The size isn’t a downfall as it is the rare toy that could almost be used as a decoration piece in a child’s bedroom as opposed to a toy that should be put away. It’s a decent size for a decent sized Lego collection (it holds approximately 1600 blocks. If you have an avid Lego collector, you may need to get more than one box. Legos DO NOT come with the LEGO Box4Blox sorter.

Box4Blox Lego Sorter is available on Amazon.

Oakland County was provided a unit for review, and was paid to provide an honest review of this product.

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