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Brain Age 2 Nintendo DS Review

Brain Age 2 Nintendo DS Review – review of Brain Age 2 by Nintendo DS as an educational video game for kids or adults to sharpen mental skills. 
Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS is an educational game designed to provide daily mental exercises in the form of games to sharpen your skills. In that regard, the format of the game is very similar to Big Brain Academy for Wii. Brain Age 2, like Big Brain, assesses your “brain age” through a series of fun, random tests and puzzles and assigns a program of playing games to enhance mental skills in areas you may be weakest in.

Brain Age 2 is recommended for ages 6 to adult. I was happy to provide my kids with a game for their Nintendo DS that is not only fun to play, but packs an educational punch. Both of my kids really enjoy Brain Age. I also like the fact that the puzzles and games are designed as a series of quick tests. This allows for meaningful mental stimulation quickly as opposed to “hours and hours” of playing a brainless video game. They also enjoy the challenges of improving their “brain age” as they strive to improve their mental capacity.

I really noticed the science that went behind assessing the brain skills as the game explains the neurological research involved in designing the game. Because the Nintendo DS has the design pad Stylus, it involves some fine motor skills to form the correct answers on the puzzles.

Brain Age 2 keeps track of your scores, the highest scores, and your progress.

Puzzles and games for Brain Age 2 include: Serial Subtraction, Rock / Paper / Scissors, Acrostics, Connect the Dots, Picture Draw, Word Blend, Piano Player, Word Scramble, Math Recall, Calendar Count, Change Maker, Block Count, Memory Sprint, Clock Spin, Virus Buster, Symbol Match and more. There are even Sudoku puzzles.

During it all, they sneak in some great brain tips, i.e. exercise your brain by going through the steps of a recipe in your head before carrying it out, don’t each too much junk food as it can be bad for both body and mind…

Brain Age 2 isn’t necessarily designed to be a “kid’s game” but children will enjoy the puzzles and scholastic approach. There is a pride factor associated with Brain Age as they feel that playing Brain Age is good for them and can make them smarter. Brain Age 2 for Nintendo DS is a fine example of a video game with noticeable educational benefits.

I hope this Brain Age 2 Nintendo DS review is helpful.

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