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Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery – What to Expect

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery – What to Expect  – I recently had a breast augmentation surgery. In an attempt to help others know what you can expect if you’re contemplating breast augmentation surgery, I thought I would document my experience here.

Some background on my situation… I chose breast augmentation surgery because of the toll nursing took on my breasts. My breasts were becoming saggy with little definition or texture. My plastic surgeon informed me I was ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery because I already a decent amount of breast tissue (a C-cup) and I was going for a full D-cup and not seeking a ridiculous amount to my chest. Bottom line: I was seeking to firm my breasts after years of breastfeeding and perhaps add a little size.

I had no real background to the procedure except for one very close friend who had a procedure done about 10 years ago. But, her situation was quite different than mine. Her augmentation was done pre-children and she started with next to no breast tissue (an A-cup). She told me here post-op breast augmentation surgery recovery time was significant (and painful) because her implants were done “below the muscle”.

I went with a highly reputable doctor, because for a decision like this, you don’t want to cut corners. I was happy with my breast augmentation plastic surgeon – he guided me and helped me decide exactly what I wanted.

When it came time for my pre-op visit, I was full of questions. The doctor and nurses told me what to expect after the breast augmentation surgery, but it’s still such a big deal and you always wonder how you personally will fare out in the end. I was told I would be sore after, but that the pain is different for everyone. Some ladies go bra shopping the day after breast augmentation surgery recovery, some are down and out for five days. Which would I be?

The breast augmentation surgery recovery time from pain after a breast augmentation is quite significant. Much longer and more trying than one may think. I distinctly remember the plastic surgeons I consulted (I consulted many) all telling me things like “the pain is significant but very temporary” or smilingly saying “you’re going to dislike me for 2 days, then you’re going to love the results”. Fair Warning – the reality, for me was that I do love the results but the pain and recovery time is greater than just about any plastic surgeon would want to admit.

Then came surgery day. When I woke up in the recovery room, I was quite groggy but felt ok. However, I couldn’t really remember much until I was able to get home and take a long nap. But, I do remember the pain. The pain is akin to doing 1000 push ups and being sore the next day. The only problem is… The post-surgery breast augmentation pain lasts A LOT longer than the post-workout chest soreness.

The immediate pain post breast augmentation was bad, but it was tolerable and I felt hopeful that it would dissipate in a few days. Again, I fully expected to be in pain the first few days, so this gave me the motivation to plow through it and not let the pain get to me. Until… the pain continued day after day after day. I had no idea the pain could go on that long. I had an organ (gall bladder) removed and it was less of an ordeal than this breast augmentation surgery. After a bit more digging, I found that the pain could last over a month! Changing clothes, washing your hair, opening a car door were very painful – even 10 days after the surgery!

I normally tolerate pain very well. Heck, I gave birth to my kids with zero pain meds. But, I’m a high energy, busy body with kids and a home to take care of. For breast augmentation surgery recovery, I highly recommend you have a plan in place when it comes to daily housework and make sure you consider taking significant time off of work if you do anything even remotely physical for a living.

One other shocker that I was unaware of was that the breasts don’t look right immediately after a breast augmentation surgery, or shortly after for that matter. This also took weeks before I could see the true results from my breast augmentation surgery. So, not only was I dealing with the daily pain, but I also had concerns about what the breast implants were going to look like. To try and explain my concern… the breast implants were high up and did not “mesh” with current breast tissue right away. It took a few weeks before things “settled in” and I could see the actual breast size and shape I achieved from the breast implants.

Of course, there’s an end in sight. And, of course, there’s a payoff. I love my new breasts. The difficult part is to keep these things in mind during recovery and healing. I had to constantly tell myself “I’ll get there.” I had to convince myself I was better off being patient than down. I had to constantly remind myself that when I’m all better, I will be able to do the things I miss so much – hug my kids, snuggle with my husband, exercise and be active…

Plus, I can be grateful for the life lesson I learned from this breast augmentation surgery recovery experience. Being the go-getter and “doer” that I am, I had to completely rely on those around me to do so many simple, day-to-day things, e.g. emptying the dishwasher, drying my hair, opening a door, etc.

There are many things to consider when choosing breast augmentation. It’s very easy to get caught up in the rewards way of thinking. Bathing suit shopping, having your ideal shape and feel… It’s easy to remember those things and forget the actual pain and recovery time of the breast augmentation surgery itself. The pain and recovery time is different for every woman but should never be discounted and should be considered – especially if you are normally very active or have to consider time off of work.

Submitted by Amanda H for Oakland County Moms.

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