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Broiled BBQ Salmon Recipe

Broiled BBQ Salmon Recipe – This salmon is great because it really helps to keep the salmon from getting too dry in the cooking process. This is an easy recipe to follow. I did not give specific quantities because it would matter with how many pieces of salmon you’d like to cook. But, it’s really just that basic! Anyone can make this recipe! Also, I use salmon without the skin because that’s my preference, but I’m guessing you could use the kind with the skin on as well.

Broiled BBQ Salmon Recipe Ingredients

  • Wild caught salmon, no skin
  • Spicy mayo (mixture of mayo, Sriracha and lemon juice)
  • Favorite bbq rub*

Broiled BBQ Salmon Recipe Directions
Generously coat the top layer of the salmon with the spicy mayo. Sprinkle with favorite bbq rub, to taste. Broil until fish is flaky, on average 12-14 minutes for about an inch thick piece.

* I use Lockhart’s Sweet Heat bbq rub that they sell because it’s really good and it has no preservatives/additives. I used to make my own – you can do that too, and there are many good recipes online – but for $5, this Lockhart’s option is totally worth it (and $5 goes a LONG way).

Regardless of the rub you choose, if you’re tired of preparing salmon and having it end up dried out, this Broiled BBQ Salmon recipe can help keep the fish nice and tender.

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