Buddy’s Pizza Half-Baked Pizza Cooking Instructions

Buddy’s Pizza Half-Baked Pizza Cooking Instructions – storage tips, pics, baking hints, tips, and baking instructions for a half-baked Buddy’s Pizza.

I purchased a 4-slice sized half-baked pizza from Buddy’s for my husband to enjoy while. I misplaced the instructions attached to the box and had Buddy’s send me their instructions since I couldn’t find them on their website. The instructions, listed below are a little vague (especially in terms in oven settings & baking times) so I’m posting the instructions Buddy’s sent to me (with their permission) AND offering up some tips to fill in the gray areas.


Buddy’s Pizza Half-Baked Pizza Cooking Instructions – Storage

  • Store in the refrigerator if you plan to bake your HALF-BAKED pizza within 24 hours of purchase
  • If freezing your HALF-BAKED pizza allow to cool to room temperature then wrap in plastic to retain freshness and place in the freezer

Buddy’s Pizza Half-Baked Pizza Cooking Instructions – Instructions from Buddy’s for Baking Half-Baked Pizzas

  • Preheat oven to approximately 375F – 400F
  • Remove HALF-BAKED pizza and discard foil ( if wrapped in plastic and frozen, remove from plastic and let thaw before baking)
  • Place HALF-BAKED pizza directly on baking tray, pizza screen, or baking stone and set in preheated oven on center rack
  • Bake pizza 5 – 15 minutes depending on personal preference, pizza is done when cheese is melted and crust is golden brown. Please check oven regularly to ensure best results
  • When pizza is done, remove from the oven let cool for a few minutes and slice to preference
  • Due to oven baking variations foil may be placed over the pizza to prevent over browning of cheese and toppings

Cooking Instructions – TIPS**

  • IF frozen, we recommend you put the frozen pizza in a refrigerator for at least 24 hours. THEN, we recommend taking the refrigerated pizza to cool to near room temperature before you put it in the oven
  • Place the pizza on a non-stick cookie sheet
  • Our 4-slice pizza baked perfectly at 385 for the full 15 minutes. We wouldn’t recommend any fewer than 12 minutes at this setting. If I was to purchase the large, 8-slice pizza, I would likely bump my oven temp to the full 400 degrees and keep it to their full 15 minute recommendation. The notion of 5 (or even 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 minutes) won’t do it. I would set it for the full 400 degrees for 12 minutes & then check the cheese. I know for sure, I’ll be going 400 for 15 minutes the next time. Unless you’re not fond of a crispy, crunch pizza crust.
  • Let the cheese beginning to brown be your guide. Keep your oven light on and check the cheese color ever minute until you think the pizza is ready to be pulled out of the oven
  • Slice and serve immediately. No need to wait for it for to cool for more than a minute.
  • Enjoy :)

** – all ovens vary – I’ve found our oven bakes average to slightly above average higher when compared to other baking I have done for other baking recipes


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You can order a Buddy’s half-baked pizza in 4-slice or 8-slice sizes. 1-topping pizzas start at $10.99 (4-slice) & $16.99 (8-slice). Buddy’s has 12 Metro Detroit locations that sell the half-baked pizzas – Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Dearborn, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Grosse Pointe, Livonia, Novi, Royal Oak, Shelby Twp, & Warren. Prices & menu vary from location to location.


For more info on Buddy’s Pizza Half-Baked Pizza Cooking Instructions, visit buddyspizza.com

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