BURN Fitness Free Mom Classes Review

BURN Fitness Free Mom Classes Review – BURN Fitness is offering Oakland County Moms readers free classes and gym time daily from 8am-12 noon until the end of the year. Find out more about the free classes here

I enjoy working out and have a gym set up in my basement. But, a change of scenery and exercise routine can be what a workout regime needs. I attended a couple classes at BURN Fitness and loved the set up. The classes are set in the back in a separate room and run by BURN Fitness staff. Nicole was holding the circuit training class and she does a nice job of making the classes different so you can get a different workout every time you go. She alternates between body parts, and times each exercise which is set up at stations. We did one minute stations that included lunges, crunches, planks, curls and so much more. There was a variety of equipment that was used to keep the workouts interesting, meanwhile working different body parts.

The classes at BURN Fitness can be adjusted for each person’s fitness level. You work at your own pace and use weights you are comfortable with. The staff is great and very supportive. They will even call you as a “reminder” to come to class… a nice little motivator for those who tend to find creative reasons for why they can’t work out.

The temp in the room is comfortable so none of the participants were over-heated. There was also music that was playing nice and loud to keep us all pumped up. The BURN Fitness facility is modern and clean. There is also a Kidzville for child care while you get your workout in.

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