Canterbury Village Drive In Movies

Canterbury Village Drive In Movies Info & Schedule – Canterbury Village in Lake Orion is hosting drive-in movies on their raised 30 ft x 14 ft LED screen. The movies were initially shut down by Governor Whitmer for a planned April 30 launch but Canterbury Village is giving it another go with a full-week of movies planned from May 29 moving forward.

Up to 4 movie showings will be screened each day, Canterbury can even deliver movie refreshments to your car via the Canterbury Village C Pub (pizza, popcorn, chicken wings, Faygo Pop, and more). For now, in addition to other rules (see below), tickets MUST be purchased IN ADVANCE AND ONLINE ONLY. You can purchase tickets at THIS LINK. Cost of each movie is $20 (for vehicles w/1-4 people, $25 for 1-5 people, $30 for 1-6 people) and you can hear the movies through your car radio. Movies are in bright LED light that can be seen even in sunlight conditions. Price Subject To Change.

Canterbury Village Drive In Movies 2020 Schedule (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Friday, October 2

6p – Beetlejuice
?? – Halloween

Saturday, October 3

6p – Despicable Me 2
?? – Irresistible

Canterbury Village Drive In Movies Rules / Procedures / Safe Social Distancing Guidelines (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

  • Only 160 vehicles will be allowed per screening
  • Each vehicle will be given a 14ft x 20ft space
  • You are allowed to show up to 45 minutes before the screening
  • You can NOT hold spaces for other vehicles
  • Tickets (or phone tickets) will be scanned through the window glass with your window closed
  • All Canterbury staff will wear masks and gloves
  • NO Pets due to safe social distancing concerns

Canterbury Village Drive In Movies Rules / Restroom Procedures

  • Canterbury Village will have 2 large restrooms onsite
  • Onsite restrooms will allow only a few people at a time to maintain safe social distancing
  • Restroom lines will maintain safe social distancing
  • Restrooms will be marked with a path TO the restroom area and FROM the restroom area with 2 distinct paths
  • Bathroom attendants will clean and disinfect each restroom throughout the day
  • You will be required to wear a mask or bandana to use the restroom

Canterbury Village
2359 Joslyn Ct
Lake Orion, Michigan 48360

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  1. The July 31st kids movie was advertised as Trolls World Tour but they played regular Trolls. I’m disappointed

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