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Carly Fleishmann Describes Autism (with Video)

Carly Fleishmann Describes Autism (with Video) – video of Carly Fleishmann, a non-verbal girl diagnosed with autism who uses a computer to communicate full sentences describing her many feelings.

I was flipping through the channels like I normally do on a Friday night while working, and I came across 20/20, which rarely fails me. I was intrigued as I listened to it in the background.  But once I started to hear more, my intrigue grew to amazement.

It was a story about a girl named Carly Fleishmann who is severly autistic and completely non-verbal. The segment told how Carly has struggled all her life. Carly Fleishmann has received hours upon hours of intense therapy since a very young age, but was still diagnosed as autistic. But, one day, at a later age, she surprised everyone as she began typing on a computer. It was soon realized that Carly Fleishmann is fully capable of typing messages in full sentences on a computer keyboard.

If you know someone who is autistic, then you are familiar with their daily struggles with autism and different mannerisms, outbursts, sensory issues, etc. But, we never understood what an autistic child was feeling while experiencing day-to-day life. Is an autistic child aware of his surroundings? Does he / she understand what others are saying? Does he / she feel frustrated and angry?

[vsw id=”34xoYwLNpvw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Carly Fleishmann is able to relay all her emotions, feelings, and reasons that help explain what it’s like to be her, all through her messages that she types.  She has her own website, and she also tweets. She is even now working on a novel. Here is a video clip of a segment from the 20/20 episode.  It’s a beautiful thing how Carly Fleishmann is able to tell us her emotions and feelings. It is something not even the best of the best medical doctors could do.

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