Castaway Bay Waterpark Review

Castaway Bay Waterpark review, pics, video, and hotel info. Castaway Bay waterpark is located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. The 38,000 square-foot waterpark is loaded with activities and the hotel is undergone a recent renovation.

Compared to Av Bay, Great Wolf Lodge, and Kalahari, Castaway Bay is a smaller version indoor waterpark – 38,000-square-feet loaded with water activities for all ages. Castaway Bay uses the space well to offer thrill rides, a toddler area, and even a wave pool.

Castaway Bay Waterpark Video

The Cedar Point staff invited me out for a visit, and I was happy they did since I never knew Castaway Bay was there. Castaway Bay is a great option for an indoor winter experience during Cedar Point’s off season or great on stand-by if you experience a summertime Cedar Point rainout. Even if Cedar Point is your main attraction, Castaway Bay is a great hotel to stay at when you’re visiting Cedar Point.

Because it’s on the smaller side, it’s nice in a way that you won’t lose your kids and you can easily get through all the attractions without feeling overwhelmed. And, if you need another towel, it’s right there rather than having to tell your kids to hold tight while you walk two football field lengths away to reach a towel stand.

The wave pool is just big enough and the waves definitely seem taller than most of the other wave pools we visited. It’s more adventurous and fun, and gives true meaning to the term “wave pool.”

There are no innertube rides. It’s kind of nice to not have to haul a raft or tube up the stairs. There’s one raft style ride – Rendezvous Run which is a one or two person roller coaster raft water ride that is truly a fast water “roller coaster” style ride. The rafts are on the track so you don’t need to bring one up to use.

Castaway Bay Waterpark Pics

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Another high thrill ride is the Tropical Tube Slides which is three tube slides lined up for racing. If you’re racing and looking to win, we’ll let you in on the best chances for a win…Yellow slide is the fastest, then purple, then green last. These are fast slides and the kids loved them.

Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay also has an arcade. It is located right next to the waterpark entrance. The arcade is pretty big and definitely has games for all ages. Players can earn tickets to be redeemed at the prize shop.

Castaway Bay Waterpark Waterslides and Park Features

  • Castaway Bay Waterpark Wave pool – 100,000 gallon wave pool with 3-ft tall waves
  • Grotto Spa hot tub (kids must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Tropical Tube Three Slides
  • Toddler area with small slide
  • Giant bucket water family play area with 1,000 gallon tipping bucket that tips every 3 minutes, two medium thrill tube slides, and two low thrill rides for younger ones
  • Rendezvous Run one or two person water coaster raft ride
  • Pool Basketball and Flotation characters to climb on
  • Cargo Crossing Net obstacle water cross using floating lily pads and a cargo net
  • 6,000 square feet Arcade

Castaway Bay is tropical Caribbean themed. Castaway Bay Waterpark Hotel features 237 hotel rooms and suites including family-oriented units, fitness center, a craft and child activity center, three restaurants, retail shops, adjacent marina and space for meetings, group events and birthday parties.

Castaway Bay Waterpark at Cedar Point
2001 Cleveland Road
Sandusky, OH 44870
Reservations – 419-627-2106
Information – 419-627-2500

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For more info on Castaway Bay Waterpark and Hotel, visit, or call 419-627-2500.

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