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CastCoverZ Designer Cast Covers Review

CastCoverZ Designer Cast Covers Review Рreview of CastCoverz, stylish, fashionable cast covers for kids that fit all casts and all shapes and sizes.

When I was seven years old, I broke my arm while playing outside. It was a nasty break at the elbow joint, and it required a cast that went from my fingertips to right under my armpit. It was summer and I was miserable because I could not swim in my neighbor’s pool. It was also uncomfortable as my arm would get heated on the warm summer days. And, there was nothing fun or attractive about a large white, boring cast – except for all the fun signatures.

You see the neon casts these days, and that’s a huge improvement. It gives kids one thing to be excited about, and allows for them to choose which color they want.

CastCoverZ! has taken this “cast fashion” to a whole new level. CastCoverZ! are basically decorative cast wraps that come in all kinds of styles and fit all casts – arms, hands, wrists, fingers, legs, ankles…

CastCoverZ sent me some samples and the designs are trendy, fun and fashionable for kids. My daughter even enjoys wearing them and she has no cast. The quality seems durable, and there are several fashionable designs of cast covers to choose from.

CastCoverZ cast covers:

  • Keep casts and orthotic devices clean
  • Inhibit odor
  • Prevent snagging and scratching
  • Available in a large variety of designs and fabrics
  • Interchangeable (right or left arm/hand or leg/foot)
  • All products are latex and allergen-free and medical-grade quality
  • Washable
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

And, they’re not just for covering casts. If you need to wear a wrist splint for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon pain, repetitive motion syndrome or any other number of wrist and hand conditions, you can cover it with CastCoverZ Not only will it look better, but you won’t have to worry about snagging your clothes with the velcro straps.

CastCoverZ also offers a cast cooler which is designed to concentrate cooling and drying effectiveness on moist areas under your cast. And for the avid swimmer, CastCoverZ! has the DryPro line which is completely watertight, and uses a patented vacuum seal to keep your cast or bandages dry. CastCoverZ! also offers their CastShield line which is used to provide waterproof protection for casts, bandages, and prosthetics while bathing and showering.

I hope this CastCoverz review is helpful.

CastCoverZ cast covers website.

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