CCI Greenheart High School Student Exchange Program

CCI Greenheart High School Student Exchange Program – Many families don’t realize how fulfilling and rewarding it can be to host an international high school exchange student. Hosting an international high school exchange student gives families a chance to enrich the community, inspire your family, and bring a new member into your family.

Hosting an international high school exchange student is a great way to experience foreign culture without leaving home, develop new friendships that last a lifetime, learn about new culture, brush up on your Spanish, German, French or learn a totally new language.

CCI Greenheart works locally to help families in Michigan to find an international high school exchange student for their home. They assist families in hosting exchange students, coordinate with local high schools, and monitor the students while they are on the program.

CCI Greenheart High School Student Exchange Program. The local Metro Detroit, MI chapter of CCI Greenheart is run by Izabela, a “veteran” of the international student program. Izabela had the opportunity to travel as an international exchange student. She values the experiences she has had and says the program transformed her life. International exchange students learn valuable life lessons in this program – culture, the world, people, and giving and sharing. CCI Greenheart is here to help more families and students benefit from the international student exchange program.

Students and families form an incredible bond from this experience. Many stay in touch with their host families for many years later. They become like family to one another.

CCI Greenheart is the only green organization that makes a difference in the world through environmental and social service. Greenheart connects people and the planet through environmentalism, fair trade, social transformation and cross cultural understanding.

CCI Greenheart High School Student Exchange Program has foreign exchange students arriving from over 60 countries. They are academically motivated, have good English, health insurance and their own spending money. They come with the desire to be part of an American family. Here is an example:

Sarah, a 16 year old German student who is a catholic and would attend church. She has a good English test score, likes pets and has a dog, likes children 5 years old and younger. Interests include swimming, watching movies, cooking and photography. She is shy at first, but warms and is polite and very friendly. She lives in the farm house of her great-grandparents where they keep 25-30 chickens and have fruit trees.

Who can host a student in the CCI Greenheart High School Student Exchange Program? CCI host families come in all shapes and sizes and represent the diversity of American culture. Our families are of varied economic, religious and racial backgrounds and include working parents, couples without children, singles and single parents, adoptive parents, empty-nesters, in addition to the traditional nuclear family. All host families complete an application and must clear a background check.

If you’re proud to share your culture and lifestyle, and interested in learning about others, this could be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. Explore differences, discover surprising similarities, and teach your new son or daughter about life in the United States.

altCCI Greenheart High School Student Exchange Program is a non-profit exchange student organization which has been working in the industry for over 25 years.  The national office is located in Chicago, Illinois and in addition to the Academic Year Department (AYP) which takes care of 1,000 high school students, Greenheart also has a Work & Travel Department with over 7,000 college age students, and a Travel Abroad Department with Americans going abroad for study, volunteer programs and environmental programs.

CCI GH is in good standing with the US Department of State and CSIET, the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel and has been every year since its inception.  They are also members of the Alliance, and WYSE.

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