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Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 Predictions

Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 Predictions – Celebrity Apprentice is back! I am so looking forward to this season’s cast competing for the top spot.

In fact, I’m looking forward to it so much that I’ve decided to handicap who I think will go far in the show.

Here goes…

Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 Predictions

Rod Blagojevich (Former Governor of Illinois) – Blagojevich was the governor arrested for federal corruption in 2008 for bribery and wire fraud. He’s the wildcard of this bunch of candidates. I personally think Trump will think, pardon the Return of the Jedi quote, “he’s my kind of scum.” He’s media savvy and ruthless. I think he’ll make it to the Final 4.

Darryl Strawberry (Former MLB Outfielder) – Trump loves his athletes but Strawberry is no Herschel Walker (last season). Strawberry had a long history of substance abuse and isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Trump loves a comeback story and NY ballplayers, but I don’t think Strawberry has what it takes to make it past April in the Boardroom. He’ll get bonus points from Trump if he chooses a drug abuse awareness charity.

Curtis Stone (Celebrity Chef) – On the surface it would appear Stone would be a huge underdog. I think he’ll go far because Stone speaks well and his work as a chef could help the projects. I also think Trump won’t discount the fact that Stone is a hot looking man! Trump tends to favor beauty from females and males! Stone’s biggest challenge will be raising money for charity and he doesn’t fall into the heavy hitters here in terms of celebrity clout to raise $. I think he has the potential to make it to the Final 6. Probably no further.

Sinbad (Comedian) – I didn’t even know Sinbad was still around. I don’t like Sinbad’s chances. Trump has a distaste for outwardly funny people. If Sinbad can be a role player on a successful team and show a good work ethic, he can fly under the radar. I just don’t see him making the cut past the first 6 voted off.

Cyndi Lauper (Singer) – I see Cyndi as being the sassy individualist on this show. I love that part of Cyndi but I have a feeling Trump won’t. I’m going out on a limb here but I predict a boardroom brawl with Trump and Cyndi making fun of each other. I can also see Trump saying “Cyndi, you’re so unusual and you’re also fired!” Prognosis: early exit. She’ll be a joy to watch though.

Holly Elizabeth Robinson Peete (Actress) – I predict Holly will go far! Final Four potential! Holly has a great resume for success. She’s a former actress, current author, married to ex-NFL QB (former Lion), and has a high level of education. Perhaps most important of her qualities is that she’s pretty well connected in Hollywood. She may have a great many friends to contribute to the charities and Trump loves smart, beautiful women who know how to raise money! She may pick an autism awareness charity (her son was diagnosed with autism) and that would certainly win her perk points with Trump. Bonus: Her father was Gordon on Sesame Street.

Bret Michaels (Singer/Reality Show Star) – Bret may not have the business sense but he’s passionate and knows how to communicate. Trump and Michaels are the epitome of the Odd Couple but I think Bret’s zest for life and Rock Star good looks will help him stick around well past April. Michaels is a complete rags to riches story and Trump will respect that. Bret will have enough personality to take him deep into this competition.

Bill Goldberg (Wrestler/Actor) – Goldberg is another wildcard. I’m not sure what to make of his chances in this competition. On the surface he’s another “dumb jock” set up for failure on this show. He’s a good self-promoter. He’s a former NFL player who parlayed his abilities into an acting career and was a wrestling phenom for almost a decade. I could see Goldberg using his tenacity to be a high achiever on Celebrity Apprentice. If this happens, he has potential to be Final Four material. I could also see Goldberg being manipulated as the tatoo’d dumb jock and having a meltdown. If this happens, he might not last two weeks.

Summer Sanders (Olympic Swimmer/Broadcaster) – Initially I thought Summer was set up to fail. Her lack of big ticket star power in terms of raising money scares me a little but I think she’ll do well because of her work ethic. Trump likes good looking, powerful women. If she can be assertive and aggressive, I think she has Top 5 potential. If she tries to meekly ride the coattails of her team, she’s dead meat early and won’t make it out of March.

Maria Kanellis (WWE Diva) – The pro wrestler and model is a longshot on this show. She’s going to have to convince Trump early that she’s more than beauty and muscle. She certainly lacks the star power to get huge charity donations that would keep her around if her team fails. She’s going to have to play nice with her team and hope to garner Trump’s trust to make it to the halfway point of the show. The potential for that to happen is there; I just don’t think it’ll happen.

Carol Leifer (Comedian/TV Writer) – Leifer is a quirky choice for Celebrity Apprentice. She’s a longtime standup comedian and even wrote for Seinfeld. She charcterizes herself as a “Jewish lesbian vegan.” I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table. I’m hoping she keeps me laughing well into May but I think there’s a better chance she’ll be steamrolled early. I hope I’m wrong.

Sharon Osbourne (Music Manager, TV Host, Reality Star, Husband of OZZY) – Here’s your winner (or at least runner-up). Sharon has it all to make it to the Final Two. She’s fiercely competitive, rich and manipulative. Even if she fails hard in early tasks Trump will know the ratings won’t bear to see her fired. Her wealth put her over the top. I’m looking for her to be able to solicit huge amounts of money for Trump’s charities (a fact he won’t likely overlook). Also, don’t forget her co host on America’s Got Talent is Pierce (the winner of season one’s Celebrity Apprentice). Everything is set up for Sharon to dominate this competition. Anyone who can manage OZZY to success can rock this competition.

Selita Ebanks (Victoria’s Secret Model) – Trump loves him some beauty and Ebanks has it in spades! I’m guaranteed my husband will be watching Apprentice as long as Ebanks is in it and Trump wants viewers like him. I think Selita will surprise us for more than her beauty. She’s pretty brainy too. She lives in Staten Island, and was accepted to Columbia and NYU. She can make it to the halfway point if she shows some flair and her team doesn’t get too catty with her.

Michael Johnson (Former Olympic Athlete) – We haven’t heard much from “the world’s fastest man” since the Balco steroid scandal stripped him of his 2000 gold medal. He was a tremendous athlete in his day but I’m not sure he has the personality for the board room. I’m looking for an early exit for Johnson.

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