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Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Predictions

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Predictions – NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice returns this March with a cast of new candidates for the 2011 season. Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows. Last year I had some fun by handicapping the odds of each contestant and making predictions to see how far they would go for in Trump’s boardroom. I think I fared pretty well and I’m going to do it again for this season. I nailed on 3 out of the 4 contestants to reach the final 4!

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Predictions

This years’ celebrities appearing on Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 look to be a little wackier than last season. I’m actually surprised that Donald Trump is continuing with this show. Last season many of the celebrities quit, were sick or had prior engagements that kept them from participating and it was apparent that Donald Trump was getting very frustrated with the process of Celebrity Apprentice. The season premieres March 6th on NBC and I’m looking forward to it.

Here is the new Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 predictions for the 2011 season and, once again, I’m handicapping the odds Vegas-style to predict who will win. Here are my Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Predictions

David Cassidy (singer, former teen idol) – Cassidy had a killer work ethic back in the 70’s and he’s made some pretty big efforts to keep his name in the spotlight since with numerous projects. His recent DUI arrest might hold him back in the boardroom. Donald Trump didn’t take kindly to Khloe Kardashian’s DUI so it remains to be seen if that will be a factor. I’m guessing Cassidy will have a lot to prove and may go far in Celebrity Apprentice.

LaToya Jackson (singer, author, actress) – LaToya “trumps” her late brother Michael in the weirdness department. She’s a tremendous space case who is as unpredictable as she is strange. I’m guessing Trump might keep her around for a few boardrooms to watch a few LaToya trainwrecks before she is ultimately bounced.

Dionne Warwick (singer, diva, actress) – Sadly, many people remember Dionne for her “psychic friends” commercials almost as much as her legendary singing career. Her tax woes won’t do much to help her reputation on Apprentice. She’s a wildcard on Celebrity Apprentice. Warwick might be underrated going into this competition. She is very empathetic and has a passion for charity. I think she has enough in her to fly under the radar for a few boardrooms and do better than many expect.

NeNe Leakes (reality tv star) – Straight from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Leakes is going to brash and fiery on Celebrity Apprentice. If she plays the extreme villain card, Donald Trump may keep her around in this competition for the sake of ratings and she could go very far. If she tries to fly under the radar, I think she’ll be bounced very quickly. She doesn’t have the celebrity credentials to bring in charity donations (an Apprentice staple) and I don’t think the other celebrities will respect her (or know of her) heading in. Leakes is the founder of a charity that helps women victimized by domestic violence. If she’s as passionate and smart about her cause as Holly Robinson-Peete was last season, she may stick around for a while.

Meatloaf (singer) – Final Four potential here! Meatloaf is passionate and serious about everything he does. His personality is going to dominate Celebrity Apprentice this season. Trump is going to like his flair and zest. Even if Meatloaf blows a challenge or two, Donald Trump is going to be very sympathetic towards Meatloaf. He’ll make it to the final boardroom.

Jose Canseco (ex-baseball player) – Jose Canseco was the face of baseball’s steroid epidemic and is currently down on his luck. Donald Trump loves athletes and he loves shots at redemption. This is Jose’s big chance. Canseco is charming enough to advance and he’ll do well if he can stay out of the way and not be a project manager. He’s quiet enough to sneak past a few boardrooms unscathed but likely won’t advance much further than the halfway point of the Celebrity Apprentice season.

Richard Hatch (reality tv star) – Is Richard Hatch still cunning enough to pull off another reality tv show upset? I think he’s got it in the smarts department but his brash approach won’t win friends with celebrities. I think he’d be best served being a team player on Celebrity Apprentice and not the straw-that-stirs-the-drink he was in Survivor. If he can keep his nose clean, Hatch may make it to the Final 4.

Gary Busey (actor, reality tv star) – Donald Trump is going to let Busey get away with all the shenanigans that go with being Gary Busey for as long as Trump can. Busey will be so entertaining to watch, Trump can’t get rid of him early. Busey is the biggest wildcard of the Celebrity Apprentice cast. He could either get bounced in the first week, quit or advance to the Final Four because he’ll keep Trump laughing.

Lil Jon (producer, rapper) – Lil Jon will be fun to watch on Celebrity Apprentice. Could he have less in common with Donald Trump? I doubt it but Lil Jon is a bit of a mogul and may do well for himself in the creative portions of Celebrity Apprentice. I predict Trump will secretly relate to Lil Jon over the course of Apprentice and will ultimately respect his creative talents. Still, I can’t see Trump going out and buying Lil Jon’s “Crunk Juice” release with the East Side Boyz.

Mark McGrath (singer) – Initially I thought McGrath would fair well on Celebrity Apprentice but I saw him on Wendy Williams recently and he looked like a five year old on sugar pills. I predict he’ll be hyper, combative and a scapegoat for any team that fails early.

Hope Dworaczyk (playboy playmate) – Donald Trump loves the ladies. I’m guessing Hope will try to prove her smarts in this competition. She’s going to have to play the role of “team player” while making cunning decisions early to keep getting the pass to move beyond each week’s boardroom. I think she’ll survive a few episodes with her beauty and her wits. I just don’t think she’ll have the star power to keep Trump interested much longer than half-way through the season.

Marlee Matlin (actress) – Matlin is a brilliant actress who also knows the spotlight of reality TV thanks to her Dancing With the Stars appearance. Matlin is an active member of the National Association of the Deaf and a celebrity spokesperson for deaf causes. In addition to her work with the deaf, she is also active in pediatric AIDS charities. The math is hard to ignore. Academy Award, Golden Globes, active in charity, smart, beautiful… She’s a lock to go far in Celebrity Apprentice.

Lisa Rinna (actress, reality tv star) – Rinna has a strong desire for the spotlight and experience in reality tv. I’m not sure how this will translate on Celebrity Apprentice. She has more “star power” than most of this season’s cast but she’s going to have to earn her way past the halfway point of the season. Donald Trump will give her every benefit of the doubt early but she’s going to have to be sharp if she has any dreams of making it to the Final Four.

Niki Taylor: (model) – The former MTV host and model is more grounded than you may think. I think she has enough savvy to do well in Celebrity Apprentice and this show is a good avenue for her to show off her wits. I’m not sure her work ethic is strong enough. If she has a Summer Sanders-like work ethic, she may go far.

Star Jones – (tv personality, lawyer): Star Jones definitely has Final Four potential. She’s tough and doesn’t take guff from anyone.  Her law background in addition to her occasional sharp tongue may not make many friends on Apprentice but I’m guessing Donald Trump will take her to the Final Four. She’d have to make a grievous error to be bounced any earlier than that.

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Predictions

First Eliminated Prediction – Jose Canseco

Will Surprise you – Niki Taylor, Lil Jon

Final Four Prediction – Star Jones, Meatloaf, Marlee Matlin, Richard Hatch

Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Winner Prediction – Meatloaf

What are your Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Predictions?

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