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Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Predictions

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Predictions – Handicapping and predictions for the 2012 Celebrity Apprentice cast – Celebrity Apprentice 5 or The Apprentice Season 12 predictions.

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Predictions

NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice returns for 2012 on February 19th and, thanks to the announcement about the new cast members, I can make my annual Celebrity Apprentice predictions early. Outside of last season, I’ve done pretty darn well with my Celebrity Apprentice predictions. I’m hopeful about this season’s picks. I have zero “insider knowledge”. I just go by my hunches and have fun trying to predict the future. I’m excited about the 2012 Celebrity Apprentice cast.

Clay Aiken – American Idol fame
Clay Aiken’s awkward personality doesn’t seem to fit the mold of this show. Though he may be creative and have a heart of gold, I think he’ll get manipulated and blindsided early in Trump’s boardroom. I don’t see Aiken as the type to react well if he’s thrown under the bus and I think he’ll be bounced before mid-March.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Aiken gets bounced early.

Michael Andretti – Retired Racecar Driver
Andretti is no slouch in the brains department and he actually does have a lot in common with Trump. Both are heavily into real estate, the finer things, and both have a penchant for Playboy Playmates and supermodels. That may bode well for Andretti early. His easy-going demeanor may allow him to float through some early tasks. I can see him letting his alpha-male teammates fight and suffer heavy losses while he calmly skates through early boardrooms. I don’t see him being bull-headed or dynamic enough to keep Trump’s attention for too long. Don’t discount the fact that Andretti has deep pockets! This will help him in money-raising tasks.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Andretti floats to half-way through the 2012 season.

Adam Carolla – Smart Aleck Radio Personality/Comedian
I like Carolla. He’ll keep the entertainment value high during Celebrity Apprentice this season. Carolla is a lot more serious now than he was during his “Man Show” days and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. If Carolla plays it loose and fun, he’s charming enough to go far in Apprentice. If he gets jaded and becomes bitter, he may make a lot of enemies and fall out of favor quickly. Carolla is a hard worker and won’t take guff from anyone.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – I think Carolla will be valuable entertainment for Trump and make it to the final 8. When Carolla goes out, he’ll go out in a blaze of glory!

Tia Carrere – Actress/Model
I’m not sure what to make of Carrere on Celebrity Apprentice. I see her as a bit player in tasks. She has just enough smarts and personality to hang around but I’m not sure she’s strong enough or deceptive enough to “play the game.” If she’s on a strong team and doesn’t try too hard to fly under the radar, she could make it to the final 8.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Will come close to the final 8. Her demise could be circumstantial.

Lou Ferrigno – Bodybuilder/Actor
Not a lot is going to be expected of Ferrigno. He’s going to be treated like a dumb jock. His “gentle giant” persona will help him in the role of underdog. Trump likes guys like Lou and if Ferrigno can perform well early, Trump will give him every opportunity to fail. I think Lou will get the halfway point of the game before ultimately crapping the bed on a task to the point where Trump will have no choice to sadly get rid of him.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Bombs hard on a task half-way through as project manager and is cut.

Debbie Gibson – Musician/Dancer/Former Teen Sensation
I think everyone knows that Gibson is bright and is far more talented than the typical “ex teen idol” label. She’s also outspoken and can sniff out any cast cattiness. Gibson will battle her way through tasks as a leader and take all the credit and blame associated with a leadership role. She’ll make the final 4.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Final 4.

Teresa Giudice – Real Housewives Fame
Teresa is a fireball but she’s a hard worker. She’ll definitely “bring some Jersey” to the boardroom but I don’t think she’ll be overly combative. She’s going to need some spice and some early victories to succeed. She’s my wildcard of the Celebrity Apprentice 2012 cast. It’s a bold pick.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – She’ll make it to the final 4 as an underdog.

Victoria Gotti – Daughter of mob boss John Gotti/ Reality TV Star
Personalities aside, Celebrity Apprentice is about accomplishing tasks. Gotti is bright but I think she’ll struggle when it comes to the work it takes to advance Celebrity Apprentice. She may surprise me but my hunch says she’ll get bounced early.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – I don’t think she’ll make it to March.

Arsenio Hall – Actor/Comedian
I’ve got a good feeling about Arsenio. He’s likeable enough to be a peacemaker and personable enough to endear himself to Trump and the other castrates. I think Hall will be good balance to his teammates and he’ll be able to speak well in the boardroom.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Hall’s role as a mediator will enable him to cruise to the final 4.

Penn Jillette – Magician/Illusionist
Opinionated Jillette has the smarts to go far in Apprentice. I’m just a little worried that his sometimes brooding nature will cause him to become overly irritated. This may cause him to fall out of favor with his teammates. If he can garner respect and trust, I think he can go far. If he doesn’t make it to the final 4 it will be due to Jillette’s lack of charm. He’ll be fun to watch.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Barely misses the final 4.

Lisa Lampanelli – Comedienne
Lampanelli is bawdy and hilarious. Unfortunately, this may not play well with some of her more feminine teammates. Unless she goes full-on villain, I don’t think she goes very far. I don’t think she’ll throw people under the bus and pick her teammates off one by one. Comedians never seem to do really well on Celebrity Apprentice and I think Lampanelli may be an unfortunate early casualty.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 – Goes down early.

Dayana Mendoza – Former Miss Universe
The models that have lasted more than a few weeks have done so by using the “fly under the radar” formula. This worked well for Hope last season. I think Dayana has potential to be this year’s Hope. Besides flying under the radar, she has hopes of sticking around for a few weeks because she’s a Trump Model Management model.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – She can make it halfway if she lays low and skirts responsibility.

Aubrey O’Day – Singer (Citizen Kane)/actress/fashion designer
O’Day is sassy and has a penchant for speaking her mind. She’s also passionate about charity work. She’s got enough street smarts to go far but I don’t think she will. I think her ambitiousness will be her downfall.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – I think O’Day will fall early due to losing a task and get blamed in the boardroom.

Dee Snider – Singer/Radio Personality
Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is my favorite to win Celebrity Apprentice. Musicians historically do well in Celebrity Apprentice. There are many reasons for this. Many musicians that have “made it” (like Dee has with Twisted Sister) have had to find fame by clawing desperately for it. Plus, musicians like John Rich and Bret Michaels that have won the last 2 Celebrity Apprentices, are underdogs that only have to mildly prove themselves early to keep going. Anyway, back to Dee. Dee is honest to a fault with a tenacious work ethic. Snider is friends with Trump and knows how the game works. He’ll outwork everyone one tasks and fight like a pitbull in the boardroom.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Final Four – eventual Celebrity Apprentice winner.

George Takei – Actor
George Takei is so likeable that I can’t see getting broomed early. He’s well-spoken, charming and witty. He’ll be a tough guy to throw under the bus in the board room because of his all-around good guy personal. However, his honesty may be a downfall. If George Takei goes down early, it’ll because he fesses up to a mistake in the boardroom and honorably takes himself out of the running for Celebrity Apprentice.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – A tough bounce from Trump after the half-way point of the 2012 season.

Paul Teutul Sr – American Chopper Reality TV Show
He has the grit to take him far but Teutul also has the temper to take him out early. So, which will it be? I’m guessing he goes early. I think he’ll find blowing his top and yelling at his sons is a lot different than blowing his top on Celebrity Apprentice.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – He tries to bully Aiken or another cast member, gets called out in the boardroom for it and is ultimately broomed early.

Cheryl Tiegs – Model/Icon
My husband’s first crush. I like her too. I think she’ll make it the half-way point with her charm and grace. Don’t underestimate her. Remember how far Carol Alt made it on Celebrity Apprentice? Cheryl can make it far too.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Just misses the Final 4.

Patricia Velasquez – Actress/Model
Known as the first Latin supermodel, Velasquez has her work cut out for her with 2 other models on the show. I don’t know enough about her personality to see how she’ll play out. I can see her as being the most expendable by Trump out of the 3 models/beauty queens on the show.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Prediction – Early exit.

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Predictions

Wildcards – O’Day, Giudice, Ferrigno,
Heated battles – Carolla vs Jillette, Snider vs everyone, O’Day vs everyone
I could be wrong about – Aiken
2012 Celebrity Apprentice Final Four – Dee Snider, Arsenio Hall, Debbie Gibson, Teresa Giudice
2012 Celebrity Apprentice Final Two – Snider and Gibson
2012 Celebrity Apprentice – Dee Snider

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Predictions.

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