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Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Predictions

Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Predictions – Season 14 – NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice returns for 2015 on January 4. I’ll be handicapping the odds and making predictions for the new season.

Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Predictions

Please note, I have zero “insider knowledge”. I just go by my hunches and have fun trying to predict the Celebrity Apprentice winners, final 4, and which celebrity will be fired first etc.. It’s just for fun. I’ve had tremendous success in the past with my predictions. I’ve predicted Final 2s, correctly predicted winners, Final 4s etc.. I nailed the Final 2 last season but blew the Trace Adkins pick. I dropped the ball big time in 2012 picking Clay Aiken to be ousted first. He made it to the finals and “Claymates” across America never let me hear the end of it (all in good fun).

Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Predictions is going to be difficult! One strategy I’ve used in the past is to “follow the money” to the Final 4. The celebs that can bring a ton of cash in to challenges from fundraising usually have a huge advantage. This year, I’m seeing only a few that have significant amounts of wealth and connections to make it far in the game from a fundraising standpoint.

So, who will make it to the Final 4? Who will be fired embarrassingly early? Who will be the eventual Celebrity Apprentice for the 2015 season?

Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Predictions

Jamie Anderson – Professional Snowboarder
A baby by Apprentice standards, it’s difficult to see how Anderson will fit in the boardroom. I’m curious to see how far her homeschool background and quirky, independent vibe will carry her. If she can lead, she may go far.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Jamie Anderson – She’ll make it beyond halfway point.

Johnny Damon – Former Professional Baseball Player
Johnny Damon is flush with money from a lucrative baseball career where he learned how to negotiate rich free agent contracts. He’s going to do very well in Apprentice because of this. Damon is a charmer who got a long well with his teammates during his career.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Johnny Damon – Final Four

Vivica A. Fox – Actress, Producer
Vivica is one of my favorites. She’s done and been through so much. I’m hoping all of her experiences will translate into confidence in her Apprentice tasks and in the Board Room. I’m fearing she gets dragged into a catfight.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Vivica A. Fox – Won’t make it halfway

Leeza Gibbons – Producer, Talk Show Host
Level-headed Gibbons has most of the qualities necessary to go far in Apprentice. I’m curious to see how she’ll get along with the other women. I think she has enough life experience to play the game well.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Leeza Gibbons – Final Four

Brandi Glanville – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Another Real Housewives instagator on Apprentice? She’ll fair no better than the ones that have gone before her.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Brandi Glanville – Lots of backbiting and out by the halfway point.

Kate Gosselin – Jon & Kate Plus 8, Author
I can’t see what she’s going to bring to the table in terms of fundraising or creativity for challenges. She can hang in for a while if she wins an early challenge. I’m not betting on it.
Celebrtiy Apprentice Prediction for Kate Gosselin – Out early, really early

Gilbert Gottfried – Comedian, Actor
Gilbert’s persona is obviously very different than what he’ll bring to the boardroom. Creative, quirky entertainers can go far in Apprentice.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Gilbert Gottfried – I’m banking on Gilbert to make it to at least the final 6.

Sig Hansen – Reality TV – “Deadliest Catch”
Looking forward to seeing how a “guy’s guy” will fare on this show. Sig has a knack for media and is clearly comfortable in the limelight. I think he’s a solid play.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Sig Hansen – Final 6

Kevin Jonas – Musician, Actor
I could see Kevin going out early but I could also see him advancing very far if he can get the respect of his older teammates by winning some challenges creatively early!
Celebrity Apprentice Predcition for Kevin Jonas – Out early

Shawn Johnson – Olympic Gold Medalist, Former Dancing With The Stars Winner
No stranger to reality TV, she has the gumption to go far in Apprentice but her lack of star power could be her undoing.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Shawn Johnson – Shel’ll make it to final 8

Lorenzo Lamas – Actor
Lorenzon Lamas is a cool cat and I always root for fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. Lamas is mature and level-headed, the perfect formula to go far in Apprentice but not quite all the way.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Lorenzon Lamas – He’ll make it through the midway point

Kenya Moore – Actress & Real Housewives
More Real Housewives drama? She’ll stir up some trouble and do a little better than expected. Detroit hustles harder!
Celebrity Apprentice Predicition for Kenya Moore – Out by halfway point

Terrell Owens – Ex NFL Player
If Apprentice fans through Dennis Rodman was a trainwreck, get ready for Terrell Owens! Owens will make Dennis Rodman look like Ben Stein. Donald Trump will try to keep him around for some ratings zing. Get your popcorn ready!
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Terrell Owens – Out early!

Keisha Knight Pulliam – Former Child Star
Outside of the littany of reality tv shows and game shows she’s been a part of since 20002, I can’t see what Keisha Knight Pulliam will bring to the boardroom. I’d like here chances more if she brought Bud to the show with her.
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Keisha Knight Pulliam – Out by mid-season

Geraldo Rivera – Journalist, Talk Show Host, Attorney
Seems perfect for Apprentice… He certainly has the money, ego, and communication skills to go far but….. I see Geraldo’s ego and inability to budge tripping him up on Apprentice. His politics will go far with Trump and this may actually save him in a couple of boardrooms!
Celebrity Apprentice Prediction for Geraldo – Final 8

Ian Ziering – Actor – “90210” – “Sharknado!”
Call me crazy but I see Ziering as a BS artist that will take control of this game early and smooth talk his way to the Final Four!
Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Predcition for Ian Ziering – Final Four

Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Predictions

Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Wildcards – Kenya Moore, Terrell Owens
Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 Heated battles – Brandi Granville vs Leeza Gibbons, Terrell Owens vs himself, Kenya Moore vs Kate Gosselin
Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 I could be wrong about – Ian Ziering
Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 2015 Celebrity Apprentice Final Four – Ian Ziering, Johnny Damon, Leeza Gibbons, Gilbert Gottfried
Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 2015 Celebrity Apprentice Final Two – Ian Ziering, Johnny Damon,
Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 2015 Celebrity Apprentice – Ian Ziering

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