Celiac Specialties Rochester Hills Review


Celiac Specialties Rochester Hills Review – review of Celiac Specialties, a gluten free bakery, in Rochester Hills and Novi MI. Celiac Specialties originated in Chesterfield Township. Owner, Michelle Fuller, relocated the store to Rochester Hills because she needed a larger baking section.

Celiac Specialties originated from an avid cook (owner, Michelle) who helped cook for a friend whose son has an intolerance to wheat and gluten. Before long, Michelle’s creations and mixes were becoming so popular, she decided to go for it with her own store, Celiac Specialties.

I stopped in to see the products they have, as I have been quite familiar with a gluten free way of life. My son has eaten gluten free and I also have a good friend who has Celiac disease.

Celiac Specialties Rochester Hills and Celiac Specialties Novi offers a wide selection of baked goods, sweets, rolls, pizzas, breads, pot pies, and more… all made in-house. Aside from its own signature brand, they also carry well known brands like Bell and Evans chicken, Van’s, Canyon Bakehouse (bread that you can eat without toasting), and Udi’s – another highly favored bread.  If you’re on a gluten free diet, you will most likely recognize these name brands.  If you don’t, you might want to consider trying them.  Debby, staff member at Celiac Specialties, has Celiac disease and offers plenty of input on items to carry/not carry. So, your chances of finding only good products at Celiac Specialties are in your favor.

I was surprised to see how many items that the owner makes on her own. Some fan favorites include the pizza – individual pizzas, (including a casein free individual size), plus a deep dish, new thin, and French bread varieties.

She also offers different varieties of croissants, doughnuts, cupcakes, hamburger and hot dog buns, pancake and cake mixes, and many other baked goods.  Michelle knows what she’s doing – it’s quite obvious from the wonderful aroma that hits you when you enter the store.

The shelves are stocked with gluten free cereals, pastas, pretzels, chips, soups, snack items, breads, rolls, burritos and cakes. Celiac Specialties also makes gluten free birthday cakes, available with special orders.

I sampled gluten free sugar cookies and gluten free/casein free cupcakes. They were quite impressive, especially for gluten free. I also tried the new gluten free Snyder’s brand pretzels and was surprised that these taste even more like the real thing than the Glutino brand that my son loves.

Celiac Specialties will offer cooking classes. Stay tuned for that announcement and more details.

A special thanks to Debby of Celiac Specialties Rochester Hills who showed me around the store and told me more about it.

Celiac Specialties Rochester Hills MI
1928 Star Batt Drive
Rochester Hills MI 48309
(586) 598-8180
Monday & Tuesday: 10am-6pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 11am-7pm
Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: closed

Celiac Specialties Novi MI
39799 Grand River
Novi, MI 48375
(248) 987-2348
Monday & Tuesday: 10am-6pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 11am-7pm
Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: closed

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