Central Park Milford Review & Pics

Central Park Milford MI review, pics, and info.  Central Park in Milford boasts plenty of free options for children’s activity while being less than a five-minute walk from Milford’s downtown district.

Central Park’s most dominant feature that will catch your eye is the massive playscape in the center of the park. The playscape is flanked by several swing-sets and has plenty of space to roam even on the park’s busiest days.

Central Park is host to many community events for the area. The park is home to the Milford summer festival named Milford Memories and is also the location for free Community Picnic and Outdoor Movie Nights as well as the FREE Milford MI summer concerts at the lively LaFontaine Family Amphitheatre. All 3 of those events has grown in popularity through the years as civic organizers have effectively figured out how to incorporate the park and Milford’s citizens.

Central Park Milford Pics

Other Central Park features include a canopy with nine park benches for outings of various sizes, two well-kept basketball courts, two volleyball nets, and a very nice war memorial.

Another unique feature of Central Park is that it is located along the Huron River. The park’s beach has become a popular loading/unloading spot for kayakers/canoers and other water-going types. You can also utilize the large, open areas along the river for picnics and other events while taking in a scenic view.

As a whole, Milford’s Central Park offers plenty of options while staying completely free. However, no animals are allowed and parking may be an issue during the busy season. So be sure to plan your trip in advance.

Central Park Milford
Main Street (between Huron Street and Liberty Street)
Milford, MI

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For more info on Central Park Milford and Milford events, visit www.meetmeinmilford.com. or www.milfordtwpmi.gov.

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