Cholula Hot Sauce Review


Cholula Hot Sauce Review – review, ingredients, and nutritional info for Cholula Hot Sauce, a vastly superior to common hot sauces like Frank’s Red Hot sauce and Tobasco.

Cholula Hot Sauce Review – My husband and I fell in love with Cholula back in the mid-nineties when we tried it at a Mexican restaurant in Petoskey. We’ve been hooked ever since. Back then, it was difficult to find the stuff. I used to have to travel to various grocers in hopes of trying to land a bottle. Thankfully, it’s readily available now with stores like Meijer and Kroger carrying it in their condiment aisles.

How bad was our addiction? I used to carry a bottle in my purse before we went out to eat “back in the day”. Cholula tastes excellent on more than just nachos and standard Mexican fare. We put it on pizza, french fries, chicken strips, hamburgers, scrambled eggs and just about every food we consider putting a condiment on.

Imported from Mexico, Cholula Hot Sauce is a fairly simple water, pepper and vinegar-based sauce. It packs a bit of a punch but its more “zesty” than overwhelmingly “hot”. The texture is excellent. Far better and “less runny” than Frank’s. I don’t consider myself a hot sauce “snob”. I know there are now endless varieties of it. Cholula adds excellent flavor without trying to be overbearing or fancy. I also like the fact that it’s not deathly hot just for the sake of being deathly hot. It’s priced right too. You can score a standard 5 oz bottle for less than $3 at most grocers. I hope this review helps.

CHOLULA HOT SAUCE INGREDIENTS – Water, Peppers (Arbol and Piquin), salt, vinegar, spices and xanthan gum



Calories 0g
Total Fat 0g
Sodium  85mg
Total Carb 0g
Protein  0g


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