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A Cinderella Movie for Girls of Today

The new Cinderella Movie trailer has been released. Does the old story line fit in modern life? Can we come up with a Cinderella for girls of today?

Disney’s new Cinderella movie comes out March 13, 2015 and they have just released the trailer. Per usual, Disney has doused this movie with its magic fairy dust and it beholds magical scenes and a happy ending. However, I’m not sure how well this old story line translates in modern day life.

In the trailer, you’ll see Cinderella’s mom giving her some final advice…”Have courage and be kind.” Yet, we all know she goes on to a horrific living situation overflowing with abuse. Is this courage? And this is a form of being kind to the poing to taking it in the you-know-what.

[vsw id=”20DF6U1HcGQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Seriously, it’s difficult to grasp at times now that we encourage kids to stand up for themselves and not allow anyone to bully them. It would almost be more relative to modern times if Cinderella gave her evil step sisters and step mother the middle digit as she strolled out of there and found the prince herself, rather than sticking around for the abuse and waiting to be rescued. Not sure about the message here.

Sure, we can’t completely change the classic Disney tale, but it’s fun to think of modern day twists and how it might be written today.


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