Civic Center Park Auburn Hills

Civic Center Park Auburn Hills review, pics, and info. Civic Center Park is located off of Squirrel Road and is part of the Auburn Hills Civic Center campus of government buildings.


Features of the Auburn Hills “campus” include Civic Center Park, City Hall, the Auburn Hills Community Center (which houses Parks & Rec department), and the Auburn Hills Public Library. The campus reminds me a lot of the Southfield Municipal Complex – the convenience of all of the community assets in one central location.


Civic Center Park Auburn Hills boasts acres of sophisticated hiking trails, a pavilion with fireplace that can be reserved, tennis courts, a fishing pond, butterfly garden, and more. There are two small, but modern playgrounds at Civic Center Park, One is near the Community Center and the other is located deeper in the woods near the shelter/pavilion.

The boundaries of the park aren’t very clearly defined. There is much to see and do within Civic Center Park Auburn Hills. Your best bet may be to park near Community Center or tennis courts and navigate the park via the park’s trail system.

In the trails you’ll find access to the shelter / pavilion, baseball diamond, and a jewel of a multi-sports field. The multi-sports field features an electronic scoreboard, modern bleachers, and even has a popular paved walking track that surrounds the field.

Civic Center Park Auburn Hills Pics / Community Center

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The crown jewel of the Auburn Hills campus is the Auburn Hills Community Center. The Community Center houses meeting rooms, a dance studio, a game room, banquet facilities, and exercise room. The Community Center even has a state of the art fieldhouse-style basketball court with electronic scoreboards.

All the features of Civic Center Park Auburn Hills (and the rest of the campus) are impeccably well-maintained. The play fields are spotless, the tennis courts are immaculate, and the layout is well-designed.

Civic Center Park Auburn Hills
1827 North Squirrel Road
Auburn Hills, MI

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