Color Street Nail Polish Strips Review

Color Street Nail Polish Strips Review – Color Street Nail Polish is the latest invention in nail fashion. Color Street is a nail polish strip that can be applied to the nail like a sticker…going on instantly dry and smudge proof.

I sampled some Color Street Nail Polish strips recently to see how easy there were to use, how long it lasted, and was it truly and conveniently dry and smudge proof after application. I’m one to do a lot of dishes, gardening, washing cars, etc. so I put these things to the test.

Color Street Nail Polish has many designs (really artsy effects) and colors to choose from. The ones I sampled were on I selected Dripping in Diamonds. One thing I’d point out is that it is difficult to determine the exact color based on what you see on a computer screen. Once I received the product, it looked different in person. But, that’s to be expected as every computer screen has a different color output and resolution.


The Color Street Nail Polish strips were shipped with in a flat envelope sealed in plastic pouches to keep them fresh. There are different sized strips for different sized nails. Instructions were provided, and a how-to video is also available. But, don’t let that scare you because it’s really a simple process that only requires a bit of a learning curve. First time user took me about 40 minutes to apply, but I was really taking my time and doing it with my daughter who was needing a bit of help…that said, a 14 year-old can do this by herself; even her dominant hand.

To apply the Color Street Nail Polish Strips, you must first use the alcohol swabs to clean the nail beds. You then take the strip that matches the size of the nail best that you’re going to apply it to. Once you get it positioned correctly (don’t go onto the cuticle) you can press the edges down so that you can tear them off, leaving the nail bed covered with the strip. For the most part, it goes on easily with no bubbles or wrinkles, and if needed, you can peel it up and place it back down. Finishing the edges was a bit tedious. And, that is what took us the longest amount of time. But, we got better at it the more we did it.

I’m so used to taking it easy so I don’t smudge the nails. There’s no worries here. You can easily apply each nail with no worry of messing up the finished nails. And, to get a bit of extra protection and lasting power, finished it off with a clear top coat.

Overall, I really liked the finished look and I actually got compliments on my nails because the polish was sparkly with glitter and unique. As a bonus, it felt as though the polish strips kept my nails protected from breaking… kind of like an added layer of thickness.

To remove the nail polish strips, you have to use the acetone nail polish. It was a bit challenging with the glitter strips that I had, but doable. I am just not the biggest fan of the acetone polish remover as it makes my nails dry out and weak.

I used Color Street Nail Polish Strips and the Color Street brand since it was provided to me for the purpose of this review.

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