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VertVillage BMX Lake Orion CLOSED

VertVillage BMX Lake Orion CLOSED – VertVillageBMX is a state of the art indoor BMX training facility for bikes only. The professional staff will offer instructional classes for all ages and experience levels, including classes teaching kids to ride without training wheels. VertVillage BMX Lake Orion is now closed for business as of ?.

I visited VertVillageBMX prior to opening to get a sneak peek of this new facility (see video below). I met with the owners to hear more about it.

VertVillageBMX is expected to open the beginning of June. VertVillageBMX has a definite family focus. There is a parents lounge area with Wifi on an upper level that overlooks the entire track. Seating will be set up on the main level for viewing as well. There are open areas for parents to ride their bikes while kids are on the track, or for younger kids to ride around as well. VertVillageBMX is building a workout gym area behind the track for riders who are training for sports conditioning. This gym will also be open to parents looking to get a workout in while their children are on the track. The workout area will be run by certified fitness instructor. So, not only is there a family focus, there is definitely a fitness focus as well.

[vsw id=”N80b5SafC78″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

The track at VertVillage caters to different levels of riding. For example, there is an optional bridge that can be used by more inexperienced riders instead of a ramp. Also, one of the steep ramps has a walking wall for those who aren’t ready to tackle the ramp. A padded rubber ramp is available for practicing and learning obstacles. VertVillageBMX incorporated a start gate on this indoor track for those riders who need practice with take offs.

VertVillageBMX will offer open ride times as well as instructional courses. For open ride times, different times will be assigned for different levels. Orientation for new riders will help owners make suggestions for which ramps are appropriate and if classes are recommended. Classes are offered and designed around levels and ages. They starts off at a very young age to learn basics, balance, start up and take off etc. VertVillageBMX will track your child’s progress and review achievements.

For younger kids looking for exposure to the indoor track, cones and markers are used to help kids stay on path and to guide and motivate them. VertVillageBMX plans to also use the ramps for play activities to work on developmental skills and fine motor skills for the younger ones.

Vert Village BMX will have competitions and contests for freestyle. And if you’re a parent who enjoys performances that show your child’s accomplishments, you will appreciate the shows held at the end of courses.

VertVillageBMX plans to open a Cafe, and will offer vending to start with. Memberships are available that give discounts to open ride times and classes.

VertVillage BMX Inc
4662 Joslyn Rd.
Lake Orion, Michigan 48359

VertVillage BMX Lake Orion CLOSED

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