Control GX Shampoo Review

Just For Men Control GX Shampoo review, info, before & after pics. Does Control GX Shampoo work at gradually reducing gray hair as a daily shampoo? I started my four-week experiment, from haircut to next haircut, to find out.

Just For Men Control GX Shampoo Review

My hair isn’t extremely gray, mostly just the sides. I’ve used the Just For Men hair dye kits before with decent success. They work really well, but since I was only looking to even our the gray sides to match the still brown top, I wanted to try the shampoo.

The shampoo comes in a nice, 5 oz bottom-opening squeeze bottle. Control GX Shampoo also comes with NUMEROUS warnings and instructions. Like the dye kits, you’re warned about staining of skin, scalp, bathtub fixtures, fingernails… you name it. There is also warning about performing a skin allergy/irritation test with a SMALL drop of shampoo on your skin for 48 hours to see if there is a negative “reaction”. Definitely not like using Prell shampoo, but I know they have to cover their bases.

Just For Men Control GX Shampoo Review – Pics

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Thankfully, I passed the skin test and gave myself the green-light to begin using the shampoo. I used a small dollop (a little goes a long way) and mostly on my gray sides. Per instructions, I massaged into my hair (you’re advised to use your palms to apply it to your head to avoid stained fingernails) and let set for about a minute before THOROUGHLY rinsing. The palms thing isn’t a joke, even though I tried to be careful I ended up with stained fingernails! It’s just too hard to use your palms when using the product on certain areas of gray.

In addition to the stained fingernails, my skin was darkened near my ears. The staining is easy to remove with soap and water but a bit of a nuisance nonetheless. Also stained were my tub and shower curtain. If you’re not abundantly careful rinsing this product or you get some over-spray during rinsing, there are going to be stains. Nothing permanent, but no matter how careful I was using this product, it still seemed like a lot of maintenance to wash my hair.

Staining aside, the product WORKS. It SLOWLY evened my gray sides to match my dark brown rest of my hair (SEE PICS). I don’t mind a little salt to go with my pepper hair, so I even stopped using it early as I got what gray I had left on my sides to where I liked it.

Control GX Shampoo Review Pros

  • It WILL gradually reduce gray hair
  • Price for a bottle is cheaper than a dye kit

Control GX Shampoo Review Cons

  • The STAINING – You’ll have to wash your tub/shower FREQUENTLY
  • The STAINING – Skin & fingernails will be stained if you don’t rinse thoroughly! Double-check your appearance before you head to work
  • By the time you get your hair that perfect shade, you’ll need a hair cut which will effective take you back to DAY 1


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I was not compensated for this Just For Men Control GX Shampoo review.

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