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Copper Clothing Review

Copper Clothing Review – Copper Clothing uses copper infused technology in compression gloves, socks, masks and even pet beds. The claims for the copper infused technology is that it helps with aches and pains, promotes anti odor, and provides an antimicrobial effect. Copper Clothing has tested their products and found that Copper destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses within minutes of contact. You hear about how people can develop a resistance to antibiotics sometimes. The Copper Clothing line is a drug free way to fight off drug-resistant bacteria.


Copper Clothing reached out to me about trying their products. They sent me a pair of gloves, socks, and long compression socks for review. I do experience some pains in my hands and feet, so I was willing to try this out.

Honestly, I did find that the copper clothing helped relieve the pains. I have a medical condition that causes occasional aches and pains. The copper clothing was a soothing relief. Additionally, the compression socks are very comfortable and supportive so they’re great if you’re on your feet a lot. The compression also seems to contribute to the pain relief.

The Copper Clothing claim about anti odor seems accurate as well. I don’t have a foot odor problem, but I could tell the socks did not pick up any odor other than what the material smells like.

I don’t have access to labs so I can’t comment on how well the Copper Clothing fights off bacteria, fungi and viruses within minutes of contact. But, if you trust their studies and claims, the copper clothing would be a nice option for those concerned about germs and getting sick. e.g. I could see wearing the copper gloves while grocery shopping, going to church, the gym, etc.

Copper Clothing also offers a pet line that includes a pet bed and a blanket. I did not have the opportunity to trial these products, but I l do love their claims – bed: Natural Anti-Microbial, Effective Anti-Odour, Luxurious, Comforting & Warm; blanket: Natural Anti-Microbial, Self-Cleansing Properties, Soft, Comforting & Pet Friendly. So many pups get achy as they age, and we all know how they can get a bit stinky. Plus, I always love when my dog finds a super cozy place to sleep.

Copper Clothing is available for purchase at

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