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Cranbrook Rainforest Exhibit review, pics, and info – Cranbrook Institute of Science Rainforest Exhibit is located on the Cranbrook campus in Bloomfield Hills. Cranbrook Institute of Science recently opened a new traveling exhibit called Rainforest Adventure. It’s an interactive, hands-on maze where museum visitors travel through the four layers of the rainforest, and even see live rainforest animals on display. The traveling exhibit will be open until September 4, 2016 and is free with museum admission.

Cranbrook Rainforest Exhibit Pics

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There are two sides to the traveling exhibit. First is the maze. The Cranbrook Rainforest exhibit maze is filled with educational, yet fun, Q&A that guides you through the maze when you get the right answers. There are many interactive activities along the way including “monkey” bars, life-size spider web for climbing, butterfly zip line, frog long jump and more. There are many fun facts throughout about the rainforests and everything within them.

At the end of the maze, visitors can spin the wheel of mystery animals… wherever it lands, you’re supposed to go back into the maze and search for that animal. There is also a fun “guess the smell” activity at the Rainforest Squeeze and Sniff.

Next is the live animal exhibit that showcases six live rainforest animals such as a Green Anaconda, Pink Toe Tarantula, Caiman Lizard, Green Basilisk, Tree Boa, and a Poison Arrow Frog.

The Cranbrook Institute of Science museum itself is also hands on and interactive and covers up-to-date scientific studies about the earth and universe. You will also find a The Story About Us exhibit, rocks and crystals, a planetarium, a mineral gallery, and more!

The Cranbrook Institute of Science museum offers birthday party options, memberships, a Science shop, and a cafe. Don’t forget Cranbrook Art Institute hosts awesome summer programs!

Cranbrook Institute of Science
Address – 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303
Phone – 248-645-3200

Cranbrook Rainforest Exhibit Hours (open during the Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum Hours)
Tuesday-Thursday – 11a-3p
Friday – 11a-9p
Saturday – 10a-4p
Sunday – Noon-4p

For more info on Cranbrook Rainforest Exhibit, visit

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