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Crayola Model Magic Stains Wood Tables

Crayola Model Magic stains wood tables. If you’re having problems with Crayola products staining your furniture, they have a link on their website which addresses many concerns – including removing stains their products cause.

My kids had done a craft at an event, using Crayola Model Magic. We came home and they set the craft on my dining room table. I later picked up the craft, and every part of the model magic that was touching my table, stained the wood.

I contacted Crayola about the Crayola Model Magic stains on my wood table and they referred me to their website where they have this convenient stain section. You pick out the product that caused the stain, and the surface on which the stain appears. They then offer stain removal solutions. Mine unfortunately did not remove the stain, but I still found the site interesting and helpful. I’m sure I’ll need to refer back to it sometime soon!  FYI, I used Orange Glo to remove the Crayola Model Magic stains. It worked better than the Crayola suggestion but I’ll still refer to their page in the future.

There are some benefits to using Model Magic. Model Magic air-dries, usually within 24 hours. Once dry, Model Magic can be colored with Crayola paint or markers. The unique, lightweight modeling material won’t crumble or cling to skin or clothing. Crayola Model Magic is non-toxic and safe for use with children of all ages.

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