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Daisy Tells a Secret Promotes Personal Body Safety

Daisy Tells a Secret Promotes Personal Body Safety – One of Us Films presented the premiere of Daisy Tells a Secret as Daisy, HAVEN’s mascot teaches about safe adults, personal safety and body ownership.  The film, geared toward children ages 4-8, teaches kids about how certain bodily touches are wrong. The screening was shown at the Palladium in Birmingham and hosted by the non-profit group HAVEN and Verizon Wireless.  Although it’s based on a sensitive subject, it is one worth noting. The animated film, Daisy Tells a Secret, is used to support Haven’s Helping Kids Help Themselves program.

Being that they used cartoon “birds” instead of people, the delivery of the sensitive subject of sexual abuse subject was softened. My kids are 5 and 7 and we talked about the film on the way home in the car.  They understood the film, and understood what they need to do to protect themselves from sexual predators. They weren’t frightened by the message. They were educated.

I know many may shy away from the subject of child molestation or sexual abuse. But in all honesty, we can’t shy away and pretend it does not happen. I personally know of people who were victims. They are all older now, so I would hope that with education and support, we can prevent this from happening in our communities.

HAVEN is willing to bring their 13 minute video to schools for anyone who is interested in having it presented.  I believe parents can opt to have a viewing prior to it being shown to kids. If interested, contact HAVEN directly about bringing the Daisy program to your school or youth organization. To learn more about Daisy Tells a Secret, call HAVEN at 248-334-1284 ext.360.

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